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It’s Mittens Time

Here are a couple short commercial parodies about our countries favorite Presidential Candidate joke… Mitt Romney. It’s Mittens Time First, we have “It’s Mittens Time.” Rather than grab that Miller […]

Dogs Take Revenge Against Mitt Romney

Heehee… not sure who created this, but I’ve been chuckling since I first saw it. Although I did add the clown in the background crowd…. I wish the dogs, at […]

Mitt Romney Humorous Photo and Caption

Another “Found on the Internet” photo. Here we have Mitt Romney standing on a chair speaking to the gathered crowd. The chair is a bit small and I’m sure unsturdy […]

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

What an absolutely incredible video! An enormous variety of clips primarily of Mitt Romney, with a guest appearance by President Obama, all cut and edited to headline Mitt rapping away. […]

Super Tuesday | Let the Games Begin!

Well, here it is. Super Tuesday has finally arrived. This has been one of the most interesting primaries in history. I often feel as though I am watching an old […]