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Follow-Up Interview with Woman Hit on Bus by Cop

Julie Nelson, 42 years old, was the woman who was hit by an LA deputy on the bus. The brutality was caught on cell phone video and since gone viral.

The chain of events began when a fellow passenger called 911 to say that Nelson was threatening people while waiting at a bus stop in Bellflower. Nelson did admit to the reporter that there was a verbal confrontation. According to the LA County Deputies Department, the two officers that boarded the bus recognized the woman from prior issues.

This first video below is the raw footage taken by a cell phone camera.


When watching Julie speak in the interview in the video below, two items become very apparent… For one, she is slightly mentally challenged, but secondly, she also has some anger management issues. According to this video, she is prescribed medication for her condition, but apparently has not been taking it recently.


So this brings up the conduct of the male officer… due to their prior history, and Julie’s anger problems, did this give the officer the right to punch Julie? I think not. The male officer appears to have simply lost his patience because of yet another complaint and another call to tend to this woman. Well, Mr. Officer… no one ever told you that this job would be a easy. Patience is critical when you are representing the law. Yes, Julie may have been verbally abusive. Yes, Julie may have anger management problems. Yes, Julie may be mentally challenged. And, yes, you may have a history with Julie. But she was not being a physical threat to you, and even though she admits that she used her body to push back against YOU who initiated the body push.

Your job is to protect citizens, and even though Julie Nelson may not be a model citizen, she does have a right to be protected from your brutality when she is not being physically violent towards you or anyone else.


  1. Officer Hothead needs to get a grip on his professional self control. There is no denying that he’s got a tough job, but yes it does come with the territory, and there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for that hard right with his FIST to the head of an emotionally disturbed woman, who while verbally abusive, wasn’t even close to being a physical threat enough to justify Officer Hothead slugging her in the face! Elbow??? that was NOT an elbow! And why would it make any difference if it was? His behavior is nothing less than use of excessive force and police brutality. Officer Hothead just plain lost his cool and turned into a violent goon.

    Has there been any disciplinary action taken against this guy?

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