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The Parting Shot for February 17, 2012

Need a hug?

by ~ANTONINA-art


  1. Yes, but was it alARMing? You got to hand it to the photographer, it was a great shot. Where does this person buy his clothes…the irregular store? Did his mom live near Three Mile Island? Just think…you could keep both hands on the wheel, text, eat your McDonald’s hamburger, hold your soda and still have a hand free to wave at the pretty girls. Gives new meaning to the phrase “He’s all hands!” Somebody stop me…I’m getting out of hand…does he have a disARMing smile? Oh, gosh, I think I am finally punned out and I didn’t even say anything about the arms race!!! SOMEBODY SLAP ME!!

      • “The suspect is believed to be well armed and dangerous.” He must have a good job because the cost of underarm deodorant would be outrageous. His life is really the pits! Betcha he can get a good grasp on any situation. His favorite hotel is The Palms (or the Royal Arms). Favorite city…Palm Beach (won hands down). Imagine him giving someone the finger…I’m reaching now…I just slapped myself and I think I am regaining my sanity (the little I had left). Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be a bother if one of his sets of arms was say left-handed and the other two right-handed, Imagine it, he’d be all tangled up in himself. I’m sorry, it must be the fever…forgive me.

  2. Nobody ever says to him “get a grip”. I keep wondering…do all his finger prints match? Can he scratch all the places that itch at once? speaking of which, he’d make as great baseball pitcher…he could give signals, pitch the ball and scratch his crotch all at the same time, while throwing out men at both first and third! Can you picture him driving in the summer with three hands holding down the roof? He could juggle, do handstands and applaud himself all at the same time, think about the multi-tasking…playing drums, lead guitar and bass all at the same time. I’m going to lay down…I’m getting the vapors over this damned pic!

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