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Republicans, Get in my Vagina!

If you have not seen this video yet, it is very sarcastic and I love it! Going to the extreme to hopefully get the point across as this is how a large number of women are beginning to feel.

The actors Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage have filmed a video for Funny or Die to speak for the millions of women who want Republicans to make decisions about their vaginas for them on issues like the availability of contraception and mandatory ultrasounds for pregnant women seeking abortions. “Way, way deep, up there in my vagina,” Greer says.

FYI… Funny or Die is (rightfully) claiming copyright on YouTube uploaders on this video. So it will not be here for long. The video I had saved the other day to post has been shut down. I kind of wish, though, that Funny or Die would look the other way on this one. The message is more important that the copyright – in my opinion. Hey, but that’s me.


  1. I saw this video earlier on MSNBC and it was hysterical then and it’s equally funny here. Thanks for finding it and sharing.

  2. who is the dog who did the keep vaginas out of my wallet ? name and where he lives. anyone know ?

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