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The Parting Shot for June 1, 2012

Amazing photo. I cannot think of any other words to use.
Simply amazing.


Photo credit:Β  Michael Dubie


  1. It looks Photoshopped unfortunately. It’s a doable shot. You’d need a water housing kit for your camera and then some filter for the lens. And youd have to preset the exposure because you cant adjust it while in the water housing…so judging by the water around the elephant and one of the elephants feet I think it was shopped.

  2. Love it Michelle! It’s obviously photoshopped, but who cares? Great image!

    One of my favorite photographers, David Doubilet, who specializes in underwater photography, actually has a photo of an elephant swimming underwater while using her trunk for a snorkel, so even though this is photoshopped, it’s not a total fantasy.

    • Okay, I have now updated the site and put in the image you sent me with your watermark. Sorry for the H..U..G..E.. delay. I have been caught up with work and just completely forgot to update this post.

    • Hi Michael,
      We would like to publish this image. I am a photo editor working in London/UK. Can you please let me know how I can contact you.
      Thank you!

      • Hi, Elena. I don’t have any contact information. I only have what you see – the photographer’s logo in the bottom right corner. You can search that name and also use Google’s image search to hopefully locate the owner/photographer.

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