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Caption Me! A seal and some penguins….

Okay, I know there are some VERY creative people out there. I must have laughed for a straight ten minutes when I saw this photo – the happy, HAPPY look on the seal’s face. Alas… captioning is NOT my forte. So let’s hear it! Give me one, give me a dozen – don’t be shy. There are no wrong answers. Then I will create and post them all like I did for the “Dog and Cat… Caught in the Act!” image.


  1. Good grief Michelle, I’m just gawd-awful at the captioning thing. But I’ll bookmark this one in case I think of something, as well as to check back to see what others come up with! πŸ˜€

    BTW, I noticed the cool cat leaping animated GIF is gone. Too bad. I was hoping to compare it to this one:

  2. I’m really bad at the captioning thing Michelle, but I’ll be watching to comments for inspiration. Assuming comments are possible that is. WP appears to have eaten my first attempt!!! 😯

    BTW, I was disappointed to see that the leaping cat GIF is no longer here. I was hoping to compare it to Animal Gifs: Cat Skills… πŸ˜€

  3. Wow! a big piece of ice that hasn’t melted into the sea, tons of penguin friends! I give it my SEAL of approval!

  4. “Good Lord, we can’t ever get a good family photo without uncle Jim getting soused and ruining it! [penguin yells at seal] You’ve always got to be clowning around, don’t you, Jim? For the last time, you are NOT a circus seal!”

  5. Seal: It’s show time in 15 minutes, and this could be a tough crowd since it’s one of those formal attire affairs, and some of these rich folk are just too prim and proper for their own good, with their beaks always in the air, to get loose and do some real belly laughing. But I’m feeling really “on” right now, and ready to go out there and knock ’em dead!

    And hey, even if they don’t like my act and start giving me a hard time, well that’s when I call in my buddy Leo the Leopard Seal, cause he’ll just eat all the little pricks and bitches, since they’re his favorite food anyway, and then it’s game over, problem solved. And me? I’m back in The Walrus Lounge – where they really know how to have a good time, and they always love my act.

    Yeah, I’m feeling real good right now and that’s why I’m smiling, cause even if I lose this one, I still win! Woo Hoo!!!

  6. – “Photobomb! Yeah baby!”
    – “Join us on Savory World, where today we answer the question Penguin: Entree or Side Dish?”
    – Middle Penguin with wings spread “Move along folks. Nothing to see here.”
    – “K, I think the timer is se- Crap.”

  7. “Birds that swim better than me! Yeah, right! That just ain’t never gonna fly, and I got a grand worth of clams on yours truly! Easy money baby, easy money…”

      • How did you know? Uhm… forget I said that! πŸ˜‰ I’m running on almost no sleep at all for last night, so that may be my best shot for today, and then I’ll take another run at it again tomorrow.

        Right now, my favs are Cindy’s and also Guap’s β€œJoin us on Savory World, where today we answer the question Penguin: Entree or Side Dish?”

        LOL πŸ˜€

        • I’m working on very little sleep myself. So ready to get out of work and go home.

          Hey, you’ve done stand up comedy… you’re used to telling funny stories, not give 4 word captions!

        • Well I can see that you and I have similar sleep habits, as in we both have a habit of not sleeping much at all.

          And while true that telling funny stories has been my trade, I still should be able to come up with a short and simple funny one liner, and normally I could do it without a problem. But on no sleep? Numerous synapse misfires will make a successful one liner unlikely.

          But thanks all the same, and I hope that you get some rest tonight. Hell, I hope that I get some rest tonight too! Sometimes that OTHER thing that people do in bed is a really great experience… It feels wonderful, and it’s called… sleep.

          Maybe we don’t know each other well enough yet, but I have some favorite positions that I like to sleep in, and hey, if you ever want to try out something new, I’d be happy to share what I know. Lol πŸ™‚

          So Michelle, never forget, that like change, sleep is also possible, and we are the sleep that we have been waiting for, and waiting for, for far too long.

          YES WE CAN!!! Sleep… Lol πŸ˜€

  8. – Marge! The damn penguins got in again!
    – Happy Feet auditions? I thought you said Happy Face Auditions!
    – These fools just paid me $1000 for flying lessons!
    – Which one of you ordered two dozen dancing penguins?
    – Run for it Olly – the Pegs found us!
    – Quick Marge, hide the fish!

  9. Hey Freddy! Look who just showed up from the Bipolar witness protection program. Dumb birds got no clue this is the Arctic Circle, and they ain’t never seen a Polar Bear before. This is gonna be fun!

    • Curses!!! Foiled again! Cause it’s STILL too long!!! Which has always been a good thing for a guy like me before… until now! Lol (Nope, that is not another caption Michelle – at least not for THIS particular picture. lol)

      But even though too long for a caption, that last one is my favorite one of my own so far – but still not good enough!

      I wanted to visit g.lefty’s blog but the name is not a link… makes me VERY curious, cause that was NOT the work of an amateur – that was a Pro. Maybe Daniel Tosh finally saw those messages we both left on his FB page, and now he’s stalking us… Lol πŸ™‚ HEY TOSH! Is that YOU? Come out in the open and fight like a man! Or at least do your best impersonation of a man… cause I know we can’t expect you to do the impossible here, grape nuts.

  10. Thanks – I needed this little brain diversion at work this afternoon! A few more.

    – Mom, the zipper is stuck on my seal costume again!
    – You could have told me about your family BEFORE we got married!
    – Don’t just sit there laughing, untie me and help me get my fish back!

  11. – Oh yeah! The team at penguin massage beach is the best!
    – Hee hee. I told um this is where the magic fish fairy stops two days ago!
    – Oh dammit, I got penguin poop on my ass!

  12. I’m no good at captions, but this guy strikes me as either a commentator at a golf match, speaking in a lowered voice so as not to disturb the players, or a drunk party host greeting a newly arrived guest.

  13. Okay, I can’t let g.lefty steal my thunder and get away with it! I throw down the gauntlet. Chris and Michelle…

    “Oh my Gawd, they don’t even see me. They’re gonna freak out when they realize I’m not a rock!”

    “This game of hide and seek will last forever – they’re looking right at me!”

    “Most awesome ‘Tourist Trap’ ever! My rock disguise is brilliant!”

    “I just saved a bunch of money on my oceanic insurance by switching to Geico!”

    “Jesus, the seal just farted again, didn’t he?”

    Antarctica’s Funniest Home Videos: “These penguins don’t know it, but we’ve secretly replaced their tracking bands with digital watches. Just wait and see what happens when the alarms all go off at the same time!”

    “Hello and welcome to the O-cean network. I’m Sam Sealy, reporting live from the coast, where Oprah is about to arrive in a helicopter and give these underprivileged penguins 3,000 pounds of krill each PLUS a shopping spree at Tastee Freeze.”

    Okay, that’s enough :0) I have to go be funny somewhere else now – ha ha!

      • Oh – this is the last – I promise….
        – Penguin herding may not pay much, but at least you get to lay on the beach all day
        – Watch them jump when I yell “Sea Lion!”
        – No no, if you take thier picture they will attack… RUN FOR IT!
        – I think I sat on one!
        – I brought some of the boys along to help you find your wallet
        – Back off or I’ll sick the penguins on ya.
        – Worst performance of the Macarena I’ve ever seen
        – Rolling for Penguins!!
        – I’ve been a penguin groupie for years! Emperors are the bomb!
        – Hey! When did they learn to square dance?
        – Look what I found mom – can I keep them?
        – All I said was ‘nice warm day’ and they jumped me!

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