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John McCain, “… Mitt did NOT pay taxes…”

On August 13th, John McCain was interviewed on the Nevada program “Face to Face” by reporter Jon Ralston. Naturally, the topic of Romney’s tax returns was brought up. McCain went on to explain the he, himself, did not go through all the tax returns, but rather his staff did.

“I think [Reid] is wrong. I did not examine every one of those tax returns. I had a team — we vetted a whole bunch of people, I didn’t go through every one,” McCain said, and he goes on, “Nothing in these tax returns showed that he did not pay taxes.”

However, at the one-minute mark, McCain says the following:

“I am absolutely confident that he did not pay taxes. I mean that he did pay, excuse me, that he did pay taxes.”

Excuse me??? Is this just an accidental slip of the tongue? Or a Freudian slip? Check it out for yourself. Again, at the one-minute mark is the slip.

I also found this interesting that the few sites I found that covered this interview said NOTHING about this slip. The Las Vegas Sun published a short two-paragraph post about how “McCain rebuts Reid on Romney, says ‘nothing in his tax returns shows he did not pay taxes.'” On the CBS News Political Hotsheet site, their headline is, “McCain: Reid is wrong about Romney’s tax returns.” Again, not even one mumble about the slip. Same report from The Hill.

So what’s up with this? In all seriousness, I would have thought the media would be all over this like flies on honey, or the other saying, “flies on sh**.” Personally, I thing this was an honest slip of McCains tongue, however…. he slipped because he knows something else about Romney’s tax returns that would completely destroy his run for President.

Speaking of Romney’s tax returns, I started reviewing 2010 last night – but there are hundreds of pages, so this will take me a while. But I found it interesting that the blind trust that is set up in Ann’s name is nearly ten times the amount that is in Mitt’s blind trust. Was this done to further Mitt’s claim of innocence? Typically, though not an absolute, but typically when a husband is the sole wage-earner of a household, and has made millions of dollars – when you see the husband put a significant amount of money into his wife’s name, it is often to hide something, or evade taxes. Naturally, I’m purely speculating here, but I find this highly unusual. I don’t expect to find much more than this in year 2010 forms simply because Romney wouldn’t have released them if there was something damning in them. Oh, but hey… they did get a refund of $1.6 million in 2010. Nice….

I wish Reid would disclose his source…. I have a difficult time believing Harry Reid would completely make this up. I mean, it’s not as if Reid is telling how Mitt stiffs the waiter or bellboy.


Veracity Stew: John McCain: Mitt Romney ‘Absolutely Did Not Pay Taxes’


The Hill: McCain: Romney paid his taxes
CBS News: McCain: Reid is wrong about Romney’s tax returns
Las Vegas Sun: McCain rebuts Reid on Romney, says “nothing in his tax returns shows he did not pay taxes”
Mitt Romney’s website: Romney’s 2010 Tax Returns


  1. Can I just say that I think it’s fantastic that you are doing your due diligence as a voter and actually going through his tax returns. Not many people would take the time to inform themselves thusly.

  2. I, like many Americans, have been labeled by Fox news and Rush as wanting redistribution of wealth, wanting class warfare, coveting sucess.. Not So..I believe I speak for more than just a selct few, I do not begrudge anyones sucess even if its astronomical..I just want everyone to play by the SAME set of rules..I have never heard a neo-con praise Bill Gates..Why?

  3. Dear Michelle, My grandfather could have summed it up about McCain in a single line from an old-time song “Too old to cut the mustard anymore”. He should be retired and Sarah could be his nurse. Oh Michelle, the temptation for abstraction gnaws at my finger tips!

    Tax returns? I can’t really read mine well at all. I have a small business (not a job creator) and file a long form. What a mess. I have been having the same person prepare the returns for years and while mine are very simple; they are NOT simple to me. Sometimes answers are easy to come by and other times it takes my accountant to explain things. In the end it is just a bunch of unintelligible numbers that are filed electronically. Perhaps you know of, or have a tax preparation person, who can turn the odd and improbable into eighth grade English? I would love to see Romney’s tax returns eviscerated by a team of retired IRS Auditors (who hate him even more than they hate everyone else who files a tax return).

    One thing I know about the rich; they feel entitled to more. The more complex the tax return the more opportunity to just forget that $50,000 for this or that $60,000 for that. Maybe no one will notice? If they do, you can have your accountants apologize. All that money is hard to keep tabs on! Also there is opportunity to buy things that really shouldn’t be write-offs at all. Then one could give the item to a friend who could include you in his list of guests at wherever exclusive ‘club’ he is in. The opportunities multiply. After all, are not the rich the creators without which we would have nothing and be nothing? Or would we?

    Hard to believe that there isn’t a hard and fast rule about how many tax returns a person must make public before they can run for the highest office in the land.

    Sincerely, Phillip

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