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UAW Files Against Romney’s Auto Bail-out Profiteering. Romney “Auto” Be Ashamed!

Greg Palast. From Wikipedia

“At a press conference in Toledo, Bob King, President of the United Automobile Workers (UAW), will announce that his union and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) have filed a formal complaint with the US Office of Government Ethics in Washington stating that Gov. Romney improperly hid a profit of $15.3 million to $115.0 million in Ann Romney’s so-called “blind” trust.”

The article, “UAW Files Charges Against Romney on his Auto Bail-out Profiteering,” with the above statement was written by Greg Palast, Investigative Reporter, and published online on October 31st (Happy Halloween, Mittens!). I actually read some of this last night and so wanted to scream it all over the internet. But I am not familiar the Palast and it just seemed to good to be true. The main stream media still has not said anything, But then, would they…? So today I poked around and I’m fairly confident that Palast’s findings are legit.

The Nation actually published the precursor to yesterday’s article, also written by Palast, called, “Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza.”

This publishing starts out:

“… Romney has done a good job of concealing, until now, the fact that he and his wife, Ann, personally gained at least $15.3 million from the bailout—and a few of Romney’s most important Wall Street donors made more than $4 billion. Their gains, and the Romneys’, were astronomical—more than 3,000 percent on their investment.”

Back in August I mentioned in one of my postings that the blind trust balances on the 2010 tax returns didn’t make sense. Nothing illegal with what I saw, but just not what I expected to see. And that was Mitt having a blind trust in the amount of $377,227 and Ann’s blind trust was $3,008,710. Now before anyone jumps to a women’s defense – especially against me as I am very pro-equal rights for women – this type of balance is odd for the Romney’s. Again, not illegal, just odd. Mitt was the sole earner of their income. And, as you know, they’re Mormon. The Mormon religion still believes traditionally that women are inferior to men, and that women are to stay home, have children, and take care of the the house and kids. Just like June Cleaver. Other than Ann’s personal spending money, which I have a feeling that Mitt is more lenient with allowing Ann to have a larger allowance than some of his even stricter Mormon peers, Ann should NOT have that amount of money in her blind trust – especially when it is nearly 10 times more than Mitt’s.

Just doesn’t make sense.

And now it appears that the explanation has been revealed – ohhh, I hope so. It’s all very complicated and I’m not going to pretend I understand everything, because I don’t. I’m not a rich and have never dealt with investments at this level – the true 1%. The Nation’s article is very detailed, but in AlterNet, you may read a more comprehensive explanation that Palast gave Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now!, in an interview just last month called, “Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit“. Greg starts it out with, “… it’s one of the creepiest stories I’ve investigated in a long time.”

The Romney’s staunch refusal to make public their tax returns is what set this momentum in place. People only hide what they don’t want you to know. Romney is a braggart and loves to boast and talk about himself. Therefore if he is keeping something secret, it’s not the Tooth Fairy.

Is anything going to happen between now and next Tuesday? Probably not. The RNP would have to eat some major crow. I just hope that some people who plan on voting for Romney realize before it’s too late that he’s a psychopath whose current goal is to be the one listed in the history books as the President who wiped out the deficit – because he sold everything off and privatized it. Mitt and his cronies will all make off like bandits with our money, laughing all the way to their offshore accounts. Yes… our money. Romney must be stopped.

Vote Obama. Hell, vote Gary Johnson, vote Jill Stein. Write your own name in. But please, do not vote for this corrupted pathetic excuse of a man.

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  1. Why is he not in prison? Al Capone had to go to prison. Charles Manson had to go to prison. And another thing, should we all be buying land in Missouri? Here’s what he said:

    • Jerusalem and Missouri??? Was Missouri even a state when Joseph Smith write the Book of Mormon? Yeah, it was. Just checked. I kept listening over and over thinking I just misheard. Nope. He says Missouri. I wonder of that is some Mormon code for something, though.

  2. The UAW is pretty big and if they’re filing against Mittens ( and Queen Ann?), I hope to Hell it gets splashed all over the news media. The fact that Dubya is giving the keynote speech to investors in the Caymen Islands will certainly call attention to Romney’s accounts there. I hope if there are still undecided voters, they take this into consideration when they enter the booth.

  3. It’s amazing to me why anyone would consider Romney in the first place other than ignorance. He was for the draft, then dodged it 4 or 5x, he’s defrauded Medicare of 120Million, he’s been given tax amnesty for his persistent felony tax evasion & avoidance, he’s got an IRA worth millions, not only is it mathematically impossible but it’s illegal, and he’s committed election fraud multitudes of times. Before Ponzi schemes & now, an extortion ring. He was a crappy Governor & used his office to profit Bain Capital deals – that’s why he stole the government computers!! That’s just to name a few of his felonies. He should be in prison, yet Republicans idolize his wealth even when it’s stolen from their pocketbooks under their noses. That’s Republican ignorance at its best. Hypocrites. Shameless LIAR. America & woman & gay hating & vote suppressing white collar criminal. Prison not the Presidency!!!

  4. I have known of Greg Palast for years and he appears to be legit as well as doing very involved and accurate reporting. He often goes to places where one could get killed. Phillip

    • That’s the impression I got. Good.. .thanks for your input. I just didn’t like his website. It reminded me of a comic book – just not very professional. Well made, but cheesy.

  5. Perhaps it shows he is somewhat correct in condeming this type of bailout as he knows *personally* that ethically challenged, greedy, immoral sleaze balls will find a way to make a profit off of the governments attempt to save an industry and the American jobs it sustains.

  6. Why greater hay wasn’t made about Romney’s business dealings seemed like another lost opportunity that kept this guy in the race. When Mitt said he knew something about creating jobs, I said prove it. He is after all a “pioneer of outsourcing” and he admittedly said he likes to “fire” people! The jobs he knows how to create aren’t even in this country. I hope he loses, but regardless of the outcome, my opinion of the “average voter” is on par with Congress’s approval rating. How much more transparently evil can you get than what the Republicans are once again trying to foist on everyone else?

    • You’re not kidding there. My respect for many voters just flew out the window. Romney is nothing less than evil and I cannot believe so many people refuse to see this.

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