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Mr. Etch-a-Sketch Strikes Again

As are most people who are Obama supporters or anti-Romney supporters, last night was a shock for all of us. Many thought his performance was spot on, and I saw him trying to maintain the high level of integrity he possesses by refusing to lower himself to Romney’s level.

However, they are not running for president of the Debate Club and I wish Obama had stepped out of his normal respectable self and just blasted Romney with his own shit. I have been stewing over this debate ever since last night. Listened to talk radio, the news, and have been absorbed with trying to define what happened last night. I have even read through most of the transcript several times. There does appear to be a point that President Obama encountered relatively early on that he was not expecting – and that has never happened to this degree in history….

Obama was fighting back hard about Romney’s tax cuts that will result in costing over $5 trillion. And I’m sure all Obama supporters were sitting at home pumping their fists in the air and chanting “get him, President. Go get him!” As we all know, Romney flat out denied this. Per an article on Fox News (yeah I know, go figure):

“The non-partisan, widely respected Tax Policy Center, has calculated that Romney’s tax plan would cost $360 billion in year one before it is offset by closing loopholes and lowering deductions (Romney has not said which ones). Once Romney’s plan is put in place, they say, it will cost a little over $5 trillion in one decade.”

It was at this point that Obama realized that Mitt Romney was going to lie throughout – and lie like no other candidate has ever done before. Obama more than likely felt that no matter what he said, if it was opposing Romney, then Mitt was going to lie his way out of it. Obama probably was thinking “what the hell can I say now? If I told him he had 5 sons [not boys] he’d lie about that.”

Romney had a goal of “winning” the debate last night and he was not going to stop at anything to do so. After it ended, it appeared as though he did “win” based on the fact he out-talked Obama, threw tantrums and always insisted on both having the first word and the last word. Today, however, other opinions have surfaced.

Romney’s lies have been the main focus today and blasted all over the internet. Many people saw Romney as nothing more than a big bully that would say whatever he needed to. Many people felt that Romney’s actions last night were nothing near respectable – especially for a potential Commander in Chief. Romney’s behavior alone could very well start a war if he were to behave like that when meeting with the leader of a country in which we have a very shaky relationship.

Remember, this was all predicted back in March – but I think no one expected it to come true to this extent. Eric Fehrnstrom responded in a CNN interview with,

“Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch-A-Sketch, you can kind of shake it up and we start all over.”

And that is exactly what Mitt Romney did last night. Mr. Etch-a-Sketch strikes again.

Do not expect to see a passive Obama in the next debate. He will be more prepared to handle the mass amount of lies from Romney. Go get him, Obama!

In closing, here are 30 seconds of a song which perfectly summed up Mitt Romney’s behavior last night:


What 5 Trillion Dollar Tax Cut?




  1. right on Michelle, i agree that obama was trying not to descend to romney’s level…and i think tho’ that next time ( and he should say that this is on behalf of the lower and middle classes of this country) he will have to call him a liar to his face – backed up by citing romney’s own positions and words on each subject. continue…

  2. I see absolutely no dishonor in Obama exposing as many of Romney’s lies as he can, and by doing so, exposing Romney as a liar. There is no dishonor in protecting the American people from the very grave danger of a man who is trying to become POTUS who obviously has no integrity. Throughout his entire career, Mitt Romney has never met a political position he didn’t like – if he thought it would get enough people to vote for him to win an election.

    When Romney ran for the US Senate in Massachusetts against Ted Kennedy in 1994, Romney was a publicly self proclaimed liberal, running as a candidate who was pro choice, pro gun control, and who even claimed he would promote gay rights. Romney marched in a gay pride parade in Boston, and in a 1994 interview with LGBT newspaper “Bay Windows,” Romney said that he would be “better than Ted (Kennedy) for gay rights”.

    But during the campaign Ted Kennedy aggressively exposed Romney as a chronic position changer at every opportunity. During a debate with Romney, Kennedy said “I am Pro Choice. Mitt Romney is multiple choice!” Obama needs to come after Romney in the same aggressive way to expose him as the liar and fake that Romney has proven himself to be, with his own words, and his constantly changing and conflicting political statements.

    • Absolutely right. I feel confident that Obama has a few things to get off his chest in the next debate. Too bad it isn’t about the economy, but hopefully Obama will throw something in there quickly before the moderator has a chance to redirect the topic – thus shutting down Romney from replying.

  3. Oh the disappointment! Obama was lackluster and the moderator got abused. I was watching the debate with a roomful of Dems and we were waiting for Obama to give it to him and instead he just looked tired to me. I don’t think people dwell on the facts during these debates, but rather cue in on body language and wait for the zingers and memorable lines. For Obama, if maintaining the high road is his debate strategy…he should abandon it. This was a huge missed opportunity for Obama.

  4. I admit I was surprised by the tenor of the debate.So much so, I went into a little funk and didn’t want to hear anything about it the next day. My husband watched all the political shows we usually watch together and convinced me to watch the evening rebroadcast. Afterward, I saw things from a different perpective.
    I realise now Romney will face a lot of blowback from his performance and made a LOT of enemies attacking Big Bird. I’ve said on several lists that PBS helped foster a love of learning and books in my daughter who is now one of two reference librarians at the largest municipal library in the world.

    • I went into a bit of a funk, too. But I did keep listening to the news – although I stayed to the liberal side of news as there was no way I could take it any less than that. But like you, by the end of the day it looked very different than the night before – worse for Romney and better for Obama. Although he still did not do anything near what he’s capable of. I can’t believe that Romney wants to do away with subsidies for PBS, which are in the millions, and not subsidies for the oil companies – which are in the trillions.

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