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Window Cleaners at a Children’s Hospital

I don’t know if this is true or not… the costumes and/or being a Children’s Hospital… but that doesn’t matter to me. As far as I am concerned, it actually happened. Some very sick children just had some wishes come true. And a standing ovation for the window washers!





  1. I do hope that is for real. There are so many sad things going on, so much unhappiness and sorrow. If this really happened the the names of these people should be all over the internet. Not only for making sick kids happy, but a tired and (soon to be) old lady happy at their kindness as well. I would love to thank them.

  2. If the pic is for real and the Spiderman costumed window washers really were washing windows at a Childrens Hospital to give the sick kids a fun thrill, that’s great.

    But if I ever have to spend any length of time in a hospital bed near a window, and hopefully I won’t anytime soon, I would hope for some well endowed and curvacious women window washers wearing Playboy Playmate Centerfold costumes, and my favorite kind, which are those magically invisible costumes that can’t be seen while worn, so everything else underneath can be seen, and seen even better than when seen without wearing anything at all. The Playboy magic that is impossible to see, unless seen in Playboy, or with those magic costumes on. That would make MY hospital stay happier! 😀

    Unless my wife was visiting, cause she’d probably give me a dirty look and draw the blinds right away, and instead of happy, I’d be very disappointed and frustrated! Maybe I could schedule the window washing in advance so that wouldn’t happen. Or maybe I should stop going on about it here, since none of this is going to happen – and there will never be any Playboy Playmate Centerfold window washers wearing their magically invisible costumes for me to see. Unless I go to bed and go to sleep, and then I dream about it… That might work, so maybe I’ll try it.

    Lol 😀

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