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Indianapolis IN: Before and After Photos of South Side Home Explosion Nov. 10, 2012

On Saturday night, a home explosion in the south side of Indianapolis IN leveled that house as well as the neighbor’s home immediately to their south. The Indianapolis Fire Department says the explosion happened in the 8400 block of Fieldfare Way, which is in a subdivision just off of Sherman Drive south of Stop 11 Road.

At a Sunday afternoon press conference, officials say damages are estimated at $3.6 million. Five homes are gone or need to be demolished. A total of 80 homes were affected. The cause of the explosion is still yet undetermined although natural gas is the suspected culprit.

Two died in this explosion. Dion and Jennifer Longworth, A Greenwood teacher and her husband, were in their home when it went up in flames. There was no chance of getting out alive. The house that initially blew was not the Longworth’s home but the one next door. The explosion was so massive that it unfortunately took the Longworth’s along with it. The home that did explode was sitting empty that night.

I have collected some of the larger, more visibly clear photos both during and after the explosion and fire. Then through the magic of Google Maps, I have taken screenshots of both the street view and aerial view for comparison. The street view was completed in 2007, so naturally the trees are quite a bit smaller as the neighborhood was not very old at that time. The Google aerial images are more recent. It listed 2012 although I am unsure if that only applied to the Google Maps copyright date, or the date the satellite took the images.

I’m not sure why, but I have been completely absorbed with this explosion. Part of the reason, I’m sure, is because I’m originally from Indiana and lived in Indianapolis for several years – and I do miss this city. But there’s more to it than just that. The massive damage seems to me to be rather unusual for a home gas explosion in regards to the overall damage. The fire which erupted was a very hot fire which is clearly visible in the photos below. I searched around on the internet for photos of other homes which were leveled after a natural gas explosion, and out of the ones that I found, none of them took down any of their neighbor’s homes. Some damage to the siding of the homes next door, but that was about it. I am probably reading way too much into this tragedy….

What would have made this explosion, if indeed it was gas, so intensely hot and destructive?

((NOTE, Post-publishing:  I am reading too much into this. I just went to Wikipedia’s page about gas explosions and there is a list of explosions much worse than this. CSI, I am not.))

((UPDATE Monday, 11/12/2012:  It appears that the authorities are currently unable to determine what caused this explosion. There were no reports of gas leaks and it looks as though natural gas is being ruled out. So I wasn’t being overly suspicious. They’re all working on finding the cause. Meth lab and bomb have also been ruled out.))

To best see these images, please click on the first one (or any of them) and they will show in full size in the shadowbox. You may toggle your way through.


Here are some photos of other homes that were demolished due to natural gas explosions. Pay special attention to the homes right next door. This isn’t saying that a gas explosion cannot be as horrible or intense as the one Saturday in Indianapolis. For the fire to be that large and hot, then I would think the gas had to build up for quite some time. Hours perhaps. I would have hoped someone walking by would be able to smell that amount of gas. It does not take much in the air to know that odor.

The next three photos were from a home that exploded in Castle Rock Colorado. Four people, including the children, were home and all made it out alive.

Castle Rock home destroyed Natural gas explosion 1

Castle Rock CO home destroyed Natural gas explosion aerial view. Oct 2012

Castle Rock CO home destroyed Natural gas explosion. Oct. 2012


Here is another home leveled by a natural gas explosion in Westville NJ. Again, house right next door is still standing.


Also, check out this video of another gas explosion in Northeast Philadelphia. You cannot make out any of the surrounding damage, but the fireball was intense!

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  1. Wow! Great article! I am suspicious of this incident (Tragedy). I sense or intuit a “false flag” terrorist attack here. I sensed the same thing on 9/11/01. I have been following this conspiracy thing for decades; what can I say? I am a child of the sixties and “Big Brother” was watching us then. I remember hearing something years ago, but after 911; that if they chose to further the terrorist plot, that they would most likely pick a location, like a small town in rural America, to emphasize our vulnerability, but their was this one analyst who said; that it was most likely they would chose a Suburban neighborhood in Indianapolis Indiana! I will have to find that video!
    Yes, indeed, when you compare the evidence of other explosions the only thing that comes close to the kind of pulverized debris is; high tech explosives and the Twin Towers.
    There is something wrong here. Would if they claim, in a couple of weeks, that this was a terrorist attack? What will we think then? The victims (fatalities) do not appear to be targets. God Bless them, but they were the most ordinary of U.S. citizens, clean, red-blooded Americans. And this adds to “their” plot. I am curious, to find out who the owners, of the other home are. I am researching this one and you have posted the best far~ better than any News agency I have seen. I think you are on to something here, with your preoccupation. At any rate,this is mysterious and this mystery needs to be solved, even if it is natural gas. This is a horrible tragedy!

  2. Horrifying! We heat our home with natural gas, but I still don’t lay awake at night worrying about something like this happening, since it’s relatively rare. Several years back, there was a house in a town near ours that got almost completely destroyed by a natural gas explosion, but that was an entirely different situation…

    A guy who made his living as a Cardiologist rented a small back hoe to do some excavation in his backyard, digging a hole as the first step in making his own outdoor fish pond and waterfall. But the professional MD Specialist/Amateur excavator struck a natural gas line while digging, and as a result, the basement and first floor of his home quickly filled up with natural gas. The doctor knew he had a serious problem when he could smell the gas flowing out from an open window in his kitchen, so he quickly got down off the back hoe and ran across the street to call 911 for help on his cell phone.

    But before he could complete his 911 call, his house blew up, and he told the 911 operator not to bother sending anyone, since his house just exploded and it was too late. Of course the police and fire depts rushed to the scene anyway, along with broadcasting vans from two local TV news stations. The only good news was that no one was inside the house when it blew up, and no one was injured by the explosion.

    An absolutely true story, and it reminds me of that TV commercial with the voice over asking “Would you want your doctor doing your job?” Uhm… maybe not. Lol 🙂

      • Most Cardiologists are surgeons, so he probably is a surgeon, and he’s probably very skilled in surgery. But they didn’t teach him anything in medical school about the proper procedures for excavation – like checking a data base here called “Dig Safe” that shows where almost all the underground natural gas and electrical lines are.

        I’m no expert on natural gas explosions, but with the way that house looks totally leveled by the blast, I’m not surprised that people are suspicious. It will be interesting to see if the people who are experts come up with evidence of another reason for the blast after their investigation.

        • Reminds me of a few people I met when I used to attend Mensa meetings back in Indy… so damn SMART! I mean off the chart, right? But I’ll be damned I met a few that could NOT cook. I mean so bad they’d burn water!

  3. The first thing we thought was some terrorist was making a bomb and it exploded. But then, we had a natural gas line explode in our area years ago and luckily it was out in the country or houses would have been destroyed for miles also. There was one like that in the 30s or 40s around here too. People went to their knees because they thought the end of the world was here. In their defense, there was no media in most homes, just what they saw in their world.

  4. Noticed you never updated this blog with the facts that 3 people were arrested for fraud, arson, and murder in this case, but that’s okay, as long as you can continue to distort the facts to make whomever you want look like the bad guy. Great CSI work! You must be a local DA in small-town USA. You drum up facts and convict whomever is most convenient and fitting in your theory, regardless of the truth.

    • What kind of drugs are you on? This post was showing before and after pix of the explosion. I didn’t point any finger at anyone. Beside, this is MY blog. Note the “MY” as well as “BLOG.” Not CNN. Not FOX (which I’ll bet is your fav). Etc. What you think is really of no importance to me. You don’t like my site, don’t come here, and start your own site.

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