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Woman Sets Snake on Fire. Snake Sets House on Fire.

Ayup. That’s pretty much how it went. A homeowner in Liberty Eylau in Texas was outside cleaning up her yard when she saw a snake. Apparently she is not fond of these mice-catching creatures, so decided to throw gasoline on the snake and set it on fire. Well, the snake wasn’t just going to roll over and die that easily, so it slithered into the dry brush which caught fire – then the brush caught the house on fire.  

The home is a complete loss.

This homeowner is in contention for the upcoming “2013 Not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer” award.

House on fire after setting snake on fire


  1. I guess the lesson here is: Never make a hot-tempered act against a cold blooded creature or How the Hell am I going to explain this to the insurance company?

  2. Heh, yeah, I’ll bet the insurance company wasn’t real happy with her. Perhaps she’d heard, as I have, that gasoline will kill a snake. But I never thought that meant “and then ignite said gasoline.” Most people would just reach for a shovel or hoe or, since this was in Texas, a gun.

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