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Dr Birx’s Thoughts on tRump’s Injecting Disinfectant & Using UV Light

Although this is humor, Dr. Birx probably thought pretty much the same thing when tRump carried on about injecting disinfectants, using UV, etc.  I know I did. (FYI – tRump talking is very muffled. Really cannot hear anything. It’s not your device or computer.)




  1. Didn’t he also look over at her at some point for confirmation of the pure bullshit he was spewing?

  2. Just once I’d like to see someone stand up to him in front of the cameras and say, “No, Mr. President. You are wrong. That’s a stupid idea.” Followed, of course, by appropriate expletives. Those people are not slaves or robots. They have minds and voices. They don’t need a presidential press conference to express their professional opinions. It embarrasses me that they submit to him. Silence looks like complicity to most people.

  3. You know he’d just walk out like he did when two female reporters tried to get him to answer their questions. I’d also like to see someone interview Melania Trump in one of the “several languages” she’s purported to speak.

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