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Prince Charles’ Gig as a Weatherman

The Prince, who is known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, appeared on the lunchtime news show Reporting Scotland. Dressed in a suit and standing against the backdrop of […]

Israel to Iran “We Love You”

Video posted in the website, indiegogo, which is located in Tel Aviv. A peace-seeking group who do not wish to go to war with Iran. Here are the words of […]

Japan | Photos One Year Later

One year ago on March 6, 2011, a trifecta of disasters hit Japan. First was a 9.0 earthquake which caused a massive tsunami to hit the shore. A tsunami so […]

The Windsor Canada Hum

The title sounds reminds me of something Groucho Marx would say, but this is no joke for the residents of Windsor Canada. The forceful return of the “Windsor Hum” has […]