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Pageant mom gives Botox to 8-Year-Old… and defends her actions

It never ceases to amaze me what people will do… giving Botox to an 8 year old girl, and waxing her legs. All in prep for her beauty pageants. Is this child abuse? This mother is living out her fallen dreams through her daughter, and taking away her childhood.

The girl tells about the pain… and claims she has wrinkles! What parent would purposely put their own child in agony as this woman has done?

The psychological scars will forever remain with this girl. She may very well grow up never believing her outer beauty is good enough, thus damaging her inner beauty. Forever seeking alterations to her body.

Video on this story:


Can the child beauty pageant officials should ban this woman from entering this girl? This may be the only way of stopping her from torturing her own child. Statistics show half of girls ages 8 to 10 as being unhappy with their size, 40 percent of fourth graders admitting to previously being on a diet, and more than half of girls ages 9 to 15 having exercised to lose weight.

Being forced into a competition, whether the child likes it or not, hampers the confidence of the child. Moreover, she has to always look pretty, wear make-up and behave in an adult manner. Naturally, these children suffer from mental problems like low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders. Most of these girls are tall but have a low body mass index or BMI. Malnutrition sets in their body sometimes at the young age of 14 or 16.

And now… injecting botox and waxing legs…. What have we come to? How much longer until this mother has plastic surgery done on her child?

Parents, and society in general, need to focus more on the inner beauty. It is more than skin deep.


    • I do not know, Emily. But I am sure it’s available if you do a search. I do recall Good Morning America doing quite a bit of coverage about this story, so check out their website archives.

  1. I said it years ago. There’s something not right with society when wee girls are dressing sexier than me. Either I’ve become a prude or some ethical turnaround that I’m not aware of has happened. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (TV show in UK) Typical example: Kids getting Fake Tan and in some mental cases Sunbeds. where does it end……….

    • The US has gone nuts with watching “reality shows.” And horrible ones! Everyone wants to watch other people’s drama and bullshit – and the more people fight and do stupid shit, the better the ratings.

      There is one show on MTV called “Teen Age Mom” which is exactly what it sounds like. Now there are teenage girls purposely getting pregnant in hopes of appearing on the show – at least from what I hear. Wouldn’t surprise me, though. So many people want to be “famous” and appear on TV. No thank you. I prefer to keep my life quiet, simple and drama-free.

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