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Some of the UGLIEST Christmas sweaters on the internet

Anyone remember the ’80’s?  Ugly Christmas sweaters were abound!  And they were stylish (shudder.)  Now, they’re trending and people are throwing “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties were, in order to attend, you must don one of the ugliest garments you can find related to the holidays.  There are on-line stores complete dedicated to selling these creatures such as:  My Ugly Christmas Sweater, Tipsy Elves, and yes… even eBay.

Here are some of the uglier ones I found.

Click on a thumbnail to bring up the image in full size and resolution in the shadowbox.
You may then toggle through each picture at your own pace.


  1. I figured that since you were such a good sport about being subjected to the Sugar Plump Fairy, that the best way to thank you, was to look at ALL of your ugly Christmas sweater collection. Lol 🙂 Wow… I kept alternating between gasps of shock and bursts of laughter! That was horrific beyond all my expectations, and yet pretty damn funny too! 🙂

    I think that my wife needs to see this one. She’s always hated Christmas sweaters, and yet my mother keeps giving them to her… This collection will (almost) make my mother’s selections look good! Lol

    • Do you have a favorite? I can’t decide. I’ll look at one, “Oh… that’s the ugliest.” Then look at another, “Wait, this one is worse.” And so on until I come back to the original one I picked. Many are a bit reminiscent of the sweaters that Bill Cosby used to wear in the mid 1980’s, though.

      • Well, the one with Hillary Clinton made me laugh the most – not in any derogatory way towards Ms. Clinton – it just scored a direct hit on my funny zone! Lol 🙂 But I think the ugliest one was the one someone else here described as the one with “the boob wreaths”. I know that my wife would absolutely hate that one, and it wouldn’t look very good on me either! Lol

  2. LOL! Do I know my wife, or what?! She just came home and looked at the link I sent her for this, and… the Hillary sweater made her laugh the most, and when I asked her which one would be the one she’d never ever be able to wear… she very quickly picked the “boob wreath” sweater! 🙂 She also says “thanks for the laughs!”

    • Not a problem. And you know… these sweaters sell! They’re so ugly, you have to wear one. Halfway debating about hitting the thrift stores and finding ugly, yet decent shape, sweaters and saving to post on eBay next year. And glad you like the “Tinkerballs”… the devil made me do that one.

      • Oh, I have NO doubt that they sell! I’ve got a bunch of relatives on my mothers side of the family in Rochester, NY who would just eat this stuff up, and yes they would absolutely wear them!

        So “Tinkerballs” was the devil’s work, huh? Well then I guess that Satan has a sense of humor! 🙂 But would the Prince of Darkness himself wear an ugly Christmas sweater? Or is that something else that he makes people do? Lol 😉

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