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Opposition to Birth Control Versus Opposition to War

President Obama moved to contain a growing political crisis Friday by altering a new birth control rule that had angered Catholics and ignited a debate across the political spectrum about the bounds of religious freedom.

Churches have always been exempt from the mandate, but under the new arrangement — the details of which have yet to be finalized — women who work for church-affiliated institutions, such as schools, charities, hospitals and universities, would still be guaranteed contraceptive coverage. But they will obtain it directly from their insurance companies, which must provide the coverage without charging an additional premium.

Therefore, I would like to know….

So, if you can be exempted from methods of birth control, since you are morally opposed to it… Can I be exempted from having my taxes pay for war, which I am morally opposed to?

Makes absolutely perfect sense to me. Anyone else?

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  1. You’ve nailed the central issue here. Insurance companies don’t do anything for free — ever. The cost will be passed along to all their insureds in the form of higher premiums and/or less coverage. So yes, Catholics will probably still be paying for the contraceptives, one way or another. Tough. As you point out, our tax money funds wars and all sorts of other things we may be opposed to. In fact, our tax money subsidizes all those things the churches don’t pay for because of their tax exemptions (which, incidentally, I oppose).

  2. We got partway there during the VietNam War. Not that money will ever get to be part of the decision.

    But, a bud of mine who works for 1199 the hospital workers’ union, Bill Morico, went all the way to the Supreme Court and won his case for being a conscientious objector not on religious ground – but, as an atheist, on ethics and morality.

    It only took several years and jillions of dollars. And we’d probably have to do it all over again, nowadays.

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