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The G’morning Shot for July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! Please, be safe. If you are in a drought-ridden area, please do not use fireworks.

This is a 3D steet chalk art design by Julian Beever. You may see more chalk designs on an earlier post “Amazing 3D Street Chalk Art.”

Artist:  Julian Beever


  1. Thanks, and Happy 4th of July to you as well, Michelle! 🙂 And great 3D steet chalk art here!

    Can’t promise that I’ll be safe, but this has nothing to do with my using of fireworks and causing fires.

    My wife and I are about to embark on a daring and dangerous mission to get a prime viewing location to see Boston’s incredible and mind blowing fireworks extravaganza. We went several years ago, and in spite of competing with about 400,000 other folks, we found an ideal place to watch, and some of the biggest fireworks bursts were right above us, filling the entire night sky over our heads with brilliantly bright explosions of many colors.

    So why do I call our mission this year to see the Boston fireworks, daring and dangerous? Because we will try to reach the best possible viewing location, via The Charles River in our canoe.

    The river is going to be crowded and chaotic with many watercraft, and many will be much larger than our canoe, as well as driven by powerful marine engines. I’m hoping that my improvised running lights on our canoe will be bright enough after dark, to give us a chance to not get hit and split in two by very large power boats with very drunken captains at the wheel.

    So wish us luck, and soon I’ll tell you all about how things worked out, assuming that we live to tell the tale. Lol 🙂

      • That works. Lol 🙂 In fact, it DID work, and worked out very well. Our adventure went far more smoothly and safely than I thought it would, since Bostonians are apparently much better boaters that they are drivers. Except for one A-hole who raced his zodiac at full speed right by us, while under the narrow space beneath a small bridge, all the other cabin cruisers and motor boats were very well behaved and piloted their watercrafts safely.

        And the fireworks? Unbelievably incredible! Since we were as close to the barge on the river launching them as we were allowed to be, and it was a truly amazing display!

        • How wonderful! Glad you got to see some great fireworks. I watched a few of the neighbors light them off in their yards…. We actually lost power for a couple hours, so the neighborhood was very dark. Pretty neat.

  2. Nary a pop in my neighborhood so far. We shall see how tonight goes. I already have soothing music playing for the dog.

    I hope you have a wonderful Fourth, safe and, if necessary, free of fireworks. I’ll probably be watching for Chris in the crowd at the Boston show. I’m quite content watching great fireworks and listening to the Boston Pops on a big screen TV, with the A/C blasting, a cold drink in hand, etc.

    Cheers, all! Happy Fourth of July!

    • I few firecrackers here and there, but nothing else here either. I expect people to be stupid tonight, though. Since we haven’t had anything happen close to the city, then they seem to think it’s okay.

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