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LMAO: Amazon Yesterday Shipping | Order Item > Item Ships > Received Yesterday

My brain is still hurting after watching this animated video featuring a new products from Amazon called “Amazon Yesterday Shipping.” Do you recall when you saw The Terminator for the first time? If you were like me and many of my friends, we found ourselves lost in the frequent discussion of time travel and how going back in time will greatly alter the future, then returning to the future to see what changes have occurred. Yeah, my brain is hurting, too.

Credits per the video on Youtube and the website The Bilderbergers are listed below the video.

Amazon Yesterday Shipping

New video featuring the voice talent of Neil CaseySue Galloway and Will Hines. Animated by Mack Williams. Sound by Doug Stoley.

Written and produced by The Bilderbergers (Lucas KlaussMatt Moskovciak and Ben Stadler)

Special thanks to Pirate Studios – New York.


Laughing Squid:  Amazon Yesterday Shipping, Delivers Packages A Day Before Ordered





  1. HAHAHAHAHA perfect timing my dear. Just ordered two items from Amazon on Monday, got the confirmation today and when I tracked the shipment it should have arrived (ta da!) yesterday.
    One of Amazon’s major shipping points is right outside of town.
    ~Lurking in Reno

  2. So that explains how ol Mitt retoactively retired from Bain :)…Thanks Amazon Shipping Yesterday :(… or is it today..never mind I have a headache 😦

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