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Lincoln Project’s New Anti-trump Rap Video

Lincoln Project put out a new video – rap-style. Totally accurate, as always. If you have a problem playing the video below, just click here.



  1. I get a kick out of watching Lincoln Project videos whenever I find them on YouTube, This one is also right on the money. I just wish Dems could come up with something just as biting. Although I did see a good meme cartoon of Joe kicking trump in the rump, the caption was Bye-Don.

    • Actually, I rather like that the Dem Party and Biden’s group isn’t attacking trump so much. Makes him more rosy when the election comes. Let Lincoln Project do the dirty work. They are enjoying every bit of it.

      • I agree. Dems shouldn’t attack trump but should point out his failures as president. I’d also like to hear more about Biden’s platform. I’ve taken several surveys asking what my priorities for a Biden Administration would be and I’d like to hear what he has to say on the issues listed in those surveys.

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