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A Proposal to Protect “The Sanctity of Marriage” and Divorce Cake Toppers

Another goodie found on Facebook! I know many of you are anti-Facebook, and I can certainly understand why. I am not on there much for socialization myself, but I do find some GREAT material and info on there – and some very liberal and intelligent pages and links. Here is one I just saw come across my wall from the FB Page, “Whiskey and the morning after blog.” Since I don’t know the name of the owner of the page, I will just call him “Whiskey.” Apparently Whiskey went on a little rant recently and many of his followers loved it so he created this little graphic which includes his rant:

“I propose, in order to ‘protect the sanctity of marriage’ that we institute a 3-year waiting period from the time of your engagement until a marriage license is issued. Once married, you must wait 5-years from the time you separate until you divorce and you are forever barred from getting married again…”

Whiskey then finishes this proposal up with:

“What’s that you say? The government shouldn’t regulate the private matters of two people who are in love? My point exactly.” Signed, Whiskey and the morning after blog

Here is the graphic he posted with the comment:

Since you guys liked my little rant, I put it into a picture so it is more easily shared. Because I didn’t find a photo I liked, I used a picture of myself instead. That way when other pages take it as their own, they still get to see my goofy face.

Well, Whiskey, it’s not that I don’t want to see your goofy face – because you have a CUTE goofy face – but I thought that this incredible proposal should have some more appropriate graphics to go with it. So, I hope you do not mind, but I am creating my own – but naturally giving you credit.


Unfortunately, as excellent as this proposal is in trying to show how people pick and choose and that marriage should be equal across the board, this will probably fall upon deaf ears of the ignorant bigots and racists. But that is no reason to stop trying. People do wake up and become wiser in their beliefs. I just wish it would happen more quickly and more often. (sigh)

Divorce Cake Toppers

Now, in the flip side, I thought I would have some fun with showing some DIVORCE cakes, both divorce toppers and words written in icing. This is what I seemed to have excelled at in this area of life….









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  1. Divorce cakes? Funny, I was in no mood for cakes and parties after my two divorces. But I’m sure everybody and every situation is different.

  2. Tomorrow is Chick-Fil-A day here in the panhandle of Florida..There will be an impromptu rally at the parking lot of out Chick-Fil-A.. I have my sign ready…”BAN GAY DIVORCE” If yall dont here from me again..weelll..that will be why..

  3. There is an old truth that in marriage a woman has every expectation of changing her man and the man hopes that she’ll stay as she is. and never change. Both are gravely deluded and might well seek help BEFORE all the pain. I find that if one of the parties consults a divorce attorney, there is no future to the relationship because the attorney doesn’t dream of failing at his/her job. I would suggest that there should be special course work and license to have children at all. Beware of pathological liars and obsessive compulsives (control freaks). After awhile they’ll have you questioning your own sanity. Love can be grand, but it can ,in many cases, be temporary iinsanity

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