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“Mile-High” Masturbation Trending on Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airlines

Cathay Pacific Business Class: There is no other way to fly, especially on long-haul routes to Europe and the United States. Hong Kong’s flagship carrier designed its Business Class section for comfort and privacy, but was not planning on masturbation being a flight perk, too.

Apparently there have been some problems with some men joining their own personal “Mile-High Club” as it’s not uncommon to spot male passengers masturbating under their blankets as they recline in their flat-bed seats. Next Media Animation has created an animated video about the Cathay Pacific’s perverts in Business Class. Honestly, I am not quite sure what the purpose of this video is other than to bring this problem out in the open in hopes that Cathay Pacific will put a stop to it.

Other items help the men achieve their goal, including uncensored videos, a mirror so the passenger can watch who is coming up behind them, and a cabinet door left open cuts out your fellow passenger. Here is the English version of this animated video – and it’s discrete – rated PG-13 in my book for masturbation action under the blanket, but no visual contact.

Below the English version video are some photos taken from Cathay Pacific’s website. There is also a very cool 3D interactive page in their site. (The music leaves something to be desired, however) I will say that Cathay Pacific’s Business Class is pretty awesome. If I had to travel long flights, this would make it so much better.

At the very bottom is the same video but in Taiwanese, I believe.

Cathay Pacific Business Class: designed for perverts? English Version


Cathay Pacific Business Class: Photos






Cathay Pacific Business Class: designed for perverts? Taiwanese Version


Laughing Squid:  Mile-High Masturbation on Cathay Pacific Explained in Taiwanese Video
NMA.TV: Cathay Pacific Business Class: for perverts?

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