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Hey, Right Wing-Nuts! It’s not the “47%” number that pissed everyone off…

Yeah, I created this….

Mitt Romney’s famous last words as a Republican presidential candidate…

“There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax.”

… and then he fell on his face.

The media has gone crazy over this, and rightly so. But I am shockingly seeing conservatives attempting to defend Romney by declaring that the percentage of 47 is correct for this classification. Hey, wing-nuts… no one is denying this. That is a valid statistic – although keep in mind that a lot of the 47% are retired people living on SSI that they paid into. People are pissed off because of the overall statement – the meaning and context as Romney insulted half of America. Romney called half of this country a bunch of lazy deadbeats who don’t care about standing on their own two feet. Then had the balls to state that the 47% is not his concern.

For the most part, everything I have read the past 24 hours has the same thing to say about Romney’s caustic declaration…

…But there is one point of view I have not heard or seen anyone mention, and that is what America is about. (Yeah, I know… groan… I’m not a “gooshy” sentimental-type personality either, but read on…)

Why the US should keep government assistance programs

As a collective group of people, most citizens do not want a free ride. However, our country has grown and evolved into a “first” world country that is capable of taking care of our own when times get tough. Life happens… daddy gets sick and can’t work, single mom was laid off, factory closes down as jobs go overseas, Bush crashes our economy…. Our country has the nobility, the honor and the grace of doing what is right by taking care of one another as a whole! No one wants to see our brothers and sisters sitting homeless all dirty, hungry and sick. Our past presidents created these government programs for the betterment of our country, and it has been working! Not perfectly, but working. That is, until people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan take control.

We have all heard what Mitt and Mutton have said. Get government out of our lives. No government assistance (although they support oil company subsidies – that is government assistance), and so on. Is there anyone out there who is so arrogant that they are 100% sure that they will have enough money for the rest of their lives to live off of? That you will always be healthy enough to work until you retire? That your job will be there until you retire? You won’t need your SSI? That you will not get cancer? And I mean cover ALL expenses, including medical? No way am I able to do this. I’ve worked my whole life but the market collapse pretty much took away everything I had invested, as well as nearly all the jobs in my line of work in which I had been working for over a decade. (Thanks Bush)

Shortly thereafter, I needed food stamps for about six months – and thank goodness they were available. I quickly found employment. Horrible pay, but it was work. In fact, when I started working 30 hrs/week at a dog boarding kennel for $8.50/hour, that dropped my food stamps down to $12/month. I suppose that would buy me enough Ramens to eat….

Regardless, it was there when I needed it. I could eat when I had no paycheck. And it should all stay there for when anyone else needs it. Of course there are people that take advantage of the system. But like anything else, don’t let the “bad people” ruin it for the “good people.” Find the holes that continually pop up and fix them.

But do not allow Romney, Ryan or anyone else convince you that our country should not have any public assistance at all. That is not what America is about. That’s what third world countries are about.

Oh… and one last thing. I still don’t believe YOU, Romney, have paid any income taxes – so quit pointing your goddamned crooked finger until you can prove otherwise! Show me 12 years of your tax returns and make a liar out of me, please.

I will end with this… White House spokesman Jay Carney says the president of the United States is the president of all the people, not just those who voted for him. No truer words can be spoken.


      • As a disabled veteran (disability not service connected), I depend on both the VA and Social Security. I shudder to think how many others like me fall into that 47%. I know there are those who abuse the system, but people who think like Romney are every bit as bad!

        • Actually, they’re worse. They make this country much worse for a lot of people. Closing down factories, moving jobs overseas, not paying millions that they own in taxes… the system abusers do not have that grand of an effect (affect?) on the system.

      • You nailed it, again. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat myself, he is stating what this old, hateful, white. rich, out dated GOP believe. They will destroy this Country and they have a strong voting base and alot of money to throw at the Presidents defeat. The red states, that this moron insulted, will still vote for this idiot. We need a large voter turn out to defeat this evil man and party.

  1. Just ask Romney what he will do when famine stalks the land and a starving single mother and her child knock on his door. Ask him what Cult policy is about sharing the years supply of food?

    Romney has NO PROBLEM with dumping half the people in the country as leaching off the government. They were never with him in this world and they certainly won’t be with him in the next.


    PS “Heaven for the climate. Hell for the company. Mark Twain (I think)

  2. I am also reliant upon SSDI and Medicare. I have been disabled since 2000 and I am ultimately afraid what will happen to my benefits if these two idiots get to have a four year ride all over my back and many others. They obviously don’t care about us, so why should I care about them? Well, the only reason I think of them at all is when they mention two phrases, Medicare (Obamacare/Vouchercare/Romneycare) or Social Security. Then I perk my ears up and take a listen because I have to!!! What is going to be taken away from me…what are they going to replace it with? How much is this going to cost ME? I am only 40 so I have many years to be scared to death. I just wouldn’t rather have it so early in my life.

    • Hopefully we won’t have to worry about this come November 7th. Seriously, just who does Romney think he is by wanting to come into office and completely destroy and re-arrange our system because he doesn’t like it. All we can do is go vote on November 6th. I have a good friend that has never voted because she hates all politicians… but she’s on disability, medicare and SSI. Well, she’s voting this year.

    • I worry too. Americans and maybe just people in general seem to have very short memories and to believe that last person they spoke with. Phillip

  3. Romney’s now infamous “47%” speech actually reveals him at his most comfortable. People have been wondering when the real Mitt Romney would show up and here he is for all to see! Can’t say I feel sorry for the GOP as they watch their chances disintegrate in midair!

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