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Q&A: Who is more right wing than Romney?


During the day I listen to progressive talk radio. This afternoon on one of the shows, and I’m actually not sure which one as they’ve been having a lot of guest hosts lately. Ed Shultz, Tom Hartman… One of those show. Not Randi Rhodes nor Stephanie Miller – I know their voices and shows very well. I was also driving at this time so was only half paying attention until people started calling in. Anyway, getting off track here. The host was taking phone calls of questions people would like to ask either Romney or Obama. There were a lot of great questions, and some were rather stupid. Like the idgit that wanted to ask Obama why he hasn’t lived up to his promise to his Kenyan family to take care of them. And something else about the Kenyan village his father is from… I don’t recall. That caller was a whack job.

But the one I heard and would love to have an answer was a guy wants to ask Mitt Romney who he thinks is more right-wing than Romney himself.

I’m not quite sure, myself. Several years ago it would have been an easy question. But not these days.

So, I put the question out to you….
Who do you think is even more right-wing conservative than Mitt Romney?







Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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