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What is up with inserting images in sites?

Inserting images used to be so easy with sites. Now it is a royal pain-in-the-ass. WTF happened, WP? For the first year… year-and-a-half… I have not had any problems at all, then I started seeing this crap earlier this year.

Here are the issues I have encountered: 

1. Inserting left or right. If I am inserting a thumbnail size image, then inserting the thumbnail right or left works fine. But I don’t always want thumbnail size images. I often want images around the width of 300 px inserted and justified left or right. But if the image is not selected specifically as a thumbnail, it will not justify but rather, it will force the text to follow underneath the image rather than wrap around the image.

What I end up doing is using columns so that I can insert an image larger than a thumbnail and have the text wrap around the image.

2. The image size. Depending upon the browser, the image size will vary. Now what I have to do is adjust the size of the image to exactly what I want.

3. Sometimes it is both. Some browsers will show the thumbnail with text wrap just fine. Yet the other browsers maximize the image size and don’t do any word wrapping. The image below is a comparison of the same section of a previous post about my newest Toy, an ASUS laptop.

There are some other issues I have run across, but these two are definitely the most annoying. What’s up, WordPress?

Anyone else experiencing these same issue? Or is this a big ol’ conspiracy against me and WP is only messing with me site? If it’s not just me, does anyone have any fixes? Any explanations?

WP image comparison all browsers


  1. I’ve encountered no such problems. Could it be a browser problem? I’ve noticed some differences in how Chrome and Firefox handle images, but they always look the same on the published page. Have you asked about it in the support forum? You shouldn’t have to resort to columns.

    • Check your post in text view and make sure there aren’t some stray codes in there causing some odd breaks or wraps. That happens to me on a fairly regular basis when I’ve been working on a post for a while. I don’t always know where the bits of code come from, but eliminating them usually fixes the problem.

      • I switch to text all the time. That’s how I enter in tables. Not sure why I’m having this problem. Did you look at that Asus site? Would you please and let me know if you see that top image as a thumbnail on the right side, or a larger image all by itself. Thanks!

        • Okay, that’s definitely weird. When I looked at it in Chrome, the first and second images were both obviously flush right as the page loaded, but after a second or so the second image popped to center aligned. Viewed with Firefox, the first image starts off flush right as the page is loading, but within a few seconds pops to the center. The second image is also centered; I could not see it as it loaded on my small screen, so don’t know if it started flush right.

          I’ll be very interested to hear what WP support says about this.

        • Hmmm… I wonder if it has to do with my theme. I’ll have to check out my CSS and see if I put something in there that the images don’t like. I don’t recall doing anything that would affect the layout of the images.

          That is exactly what happens to me, too. I spent well over an hour last night trying all varieties of html that inserts images – and they all ended up doing the same thing. Thumbnail works fine. But anything else, it pops in the middle with no text wrap. Once again, I used a tablet to insert a right-justified image with text on the left.

  2. M., all i know is; i was away for awhile, i came back, and they “improved” something that made it worse. besides the pic being harder to choose (most of them are now hidden behind boxes of news links i do not need to add to what i am writing) and i have to carefully scroll down without choosing one) i now also have to erase columns of code that appear before my text starts. bummer. as usual a fix for something that wasn’t broken. anyway, i manage but it takes longer. hope you’re well. continue…

    • I’m doing very well. Working a ton of hours, but that’s good. I love my new job – well, been with this company almost a year now. I work from home. Contracted – which I typically work over 40 hours. Didn’t get those extra hours when salaried. And there is plenty of work that I don’t worry about too few hours. And the pay is very good. I build custom event registration sites for corporations, events, etc. It’s fun!!!

      I use Dreamweaver now for most of my website work and it pisses me off because WordPress doesn’t accept all the html that I use. I get a page looking good in Dreamweaver, then when I paste the code in WP, it removes some of the html and treats some codes differently. Frustrating.

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