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The BEST and the WORST of Halloween Costumes – and a few cool vid’s, too

It’s that time of year, folks. The best and the worst crawl out from under their rocks, out of their bags of old clothes, and from behind their computers. A few have been around for a few years now, but I searched to find some real costumes worn by real people (as opposed to fake people?) that we don’t see every Halloween. 

First, a video. This is one of the best kid’s costume. This little tyke’s video has been on the news this year, but it is definitely worth sharing.


On to some of the best costumes…. FYI… Click on ANY image and it will show in full size. You may then also easily scroll through all the images in this gallery.

Here is a vintage photo… this is really creepy, very disturbing…

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes (5)

Before we move on to the worst of the costumes, this is a great idea and video. Although you cannot see the device flying the grim reaper, I’m assuming it is an RC quadrocopter….


And now, the worst of the worst. A word of warning… do not wear these costumes unless your goal is to end up on the internet titled “Worst Halloween Costumes.” Again, click on any image to see in full size. Scroll through for best viewing.

And lastly, this is actually a celeb Halloween costume. It’s Heidi Klum. What was she thinking????



  1. The funny ones were great. Thank You for sharing.The bad ones well what can I say? The “Fail” some one really needs to do something about or to him. Way beyond awful. Have A Happy Halloween.

    • Yes it is. A paralyzed Superman is just tasteless. And the cowboy being intimate with a sheep is just repulsive. I don’t see the humor in those. I actually thought the Black Eyed P’s was one of those face-palm *groan* costumes – but it was still bad.

  2. so many costumes to make me anti-penis. people can be so creative, in a worst possible way, i mean.

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