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Oh, boy, is this great?! Donald Trump, RNP debate – a must see. Trump memes included.

trump-over-comb-hair-funny-meme-01Tonight is the first official Republican debate. In attendance, as we all know, is the “illustrious” Donald Trump – and his big mouth. They’re a pair.

The debate is most definitely going to be interesting. I, for one, am beginning to think that Trump doesn’t want to be President — he’s doing all this grand-standing because he can; he loves the attention; and is a narcissistic psychopath. Since Trump is friends with the Clinton’s, there are rumors that he’s doing this just to help pull so much negative attention away from Hillary. Honestly, I have to wonder if that’s what he’s doing, too. Although, I do believe his primary reason to run for president is the attention — and lots of it. His big mouth won’t stop. It’s like when Howard Stern first hit the radio waves — people that hated him would actually listen to him longer than his fans simply because they wanted to know what he said next.

If Trump is doing this in hopes it will help Hillary, I do firmly believe it is entirely his idea — that the Clinton’s were in no way involved. Are you kidding? The Clinton’s know they must be squeaky clean. A public fart from Hillary would cause the GOP to go into a frenzy.

Typically, I cannot watch these GOP debates. All they do is bash Obama, his administration, and anything else that is against their party’s wishes. But, thanks to Trump, this one is going to be different. This video clip is what has been playing in my head all day…











  1. Actually..if you look back in history, there were a bunch of BIG comapnies that went bankrupt and still made it. Besides, you libtards don’t do your research-see how many successful companies ge has made…a business man will do America good.

    • Yes, he does have several successful businesses. However, if you look at the track record for other very wealthy individuals, bankruptcies are rare. If anything, most would have been when the individual was starting out but didn’t have a rich Daddy to back them up. Made a bad business deal, BK’d it, learned from it, and then became one of the wealthiest people in the US.

      Additionally, most of these people will not have a long list of failures.

      Trump just “goes with it” without thinking. And he’d do that if he was President which scares the shit out of me. He is uncontrollable which is not a good thing to have when in such a powerful position both in the US and internationally.

  2. when you’re completely out of touch with the rest of America and fail to realise how successful Donald Trump actually is…

    • Are you kidding me??? The ONLY reason he is successful – which in this case is has a lot of money – is because he has shit on people all over the world. Not paid workers, construction companies, etc. And these are not rumors. Feel free to check public records of all the lawsuits that’s been filed against him for non-payment, breaking a contract, etc. So be careful. That is all he know so changes are very large that he is going to shit on America.

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