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The WORST Commencement Speech EVER!

This is the worst commencement speech ever! And I don’t say that because Sasse is a Republican senator. I say that because it is. I never thought anyone could be worse than trump, but this guy is. This is only 2:20 minutes of his speech, but right off the bat, he insults the high school graduates. And just continues from there. From what I understand, the school is asking for an apology.

Did he think he was a comedian? Rude as f***! Thank goodness it was for a local school and not the entire nation like Obama did.

Here are Part 2 and 3. Each 2-minutes 20-seconds long, and just as horrible.



  1. He reminds me of that drunkin uncle who shows up, uninvited to your graduation party, pulls you over to the side and monopolizes you with boring shit you don’t want to hear.

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