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British woman decapitated in Los Cristianos Spain

UPDATE May 16, 2011: More on the man who beheaded British Woman, click here

A British woman has been stabbed and decapitated in Tenerife. The 60-year-old woman was reportedly attacked in a supermarket in the town of Los Cristianos on the island.

A Bulgarian man, believed to be homeless, has been detained by Spanish police. He was reportedly admitted to the psychiatric unit after knocking a stranger’s teeth out on the street.

Colin Kirkby, a 50-year-old British journalist who witnessed the attack, told MailOnline that the man probably picked up the knife inside the shop – and there was no apparent motivation.

‘A middle-aged English couple in the shop said it came out of the blue and there was no real disturbance, there are security guards in the centre that would have been on the scene quickly,’ he said.

‘The shop sells cheap souvenir sword-like blades and I think if he had walked into the shop with the blade he would have been stopped by security and that’s what people are thinking.’

Mr Kirkby added that it was so surreal he thought the ‘scruffy’ man, aged in his 20s, was carrying a ‘joke’ head.

‘I could hear people shouting and screaming and the guy was walking along the footpath slowly muttering to himself carrying the head – it was very surreal,’ he said.

‘I couldn’t hear what he was muttering and seemed to be oblivious to everything around him and was sort of rambling.

‘He was holding the head by the hair and I couldn’t help but think of the image in the Clash of the Titans where a man is beheaded.

‘One of the things was there wasn’t a lot of blood everywhere and there was no weapon on him.

‘He was not the smartest looking of guys and not well groomed, I don’t know if he was sleeping rough.’

He added that when the man was bundled to the floor by security he was not screaming and thrashing to get away.

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Haunting: The victim’s head lies on the ground covered only by a sheet as stunned crowds held back by police tape look on.


Gruesome: The victim’s body is carried away on a stretcher from the shop where she was decapitated. Police arrived on the scene and sealed off the area.


Wrestled to the ground: The man had been running through the town brandishing the woman’s head before being tackled by a motorcyclist.


Popular: Millions of British tourists flock to Los Cristianos every year but this is understood to be the first attack of its kind on a holidaymaker in the area.

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