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Five Democratic Senators In Missouri Threatened With Sniper Crosshairs On Their Doors

A year has now passed since AZ State Representative Gabby Giffords was shot in the head while outside a supermarket where she was meeting with constituents. A total of 17 were shot. Six of the victims died, among them John M. Roll, the chief judge for the United States District Court for Arizona, and a 9-year-old girl.

Much blame was placed upon the map posted on Sarah Palin’s website which showed several cross-hairs specifying various Democrats – one of which was Gabrielle Gifford. Although there is no evidence that the shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, took aim due to this map, the coincidence in itself is frightening.

More hate continues.

Just a few days ago, a Democratic campaign manager in Arkansas arrived home to find his children’s pet cat murdered with the word ‘Liberal’ scrawled across its fur. And now, Missouri lawmakers are also being threatened.

On Tuesday, several state Democratic Senators and one Republican in the House discovered images of sniper crosshairs on their office doors. Not thinking much of it at the time, some removed the images, only to be replaced with bigger images later on.

The stickers were near the doors of all four Democratic women in the Senate — Jolie Justus and Kiki Curls, both of Kansas City, and Maria Chapelle-Nadal and Robin Wright-Jones, both of St. Louis. A sticker also was found near the door of Sen. Victor Callahan, D-Kansas City and the Democrats’ floor leader.

One similar sticker was found on the nameplate outside the door of state Rep. Scott Dieckhaus, R-Washington. He was the only Republican and the only House member who found one of the stickers.

“It is unsettling, especially since we have no protection, no metal detectors in this building,” Curls said. Her staff found a small sticker, removed it and later found a much larger one in its place, she said.

What is going on in our country? Are these potential acts of violence from a nutcase? From some corrupt wealthy business owner whose future greed is being threatened? From a “sheeple” who follows along believing everything they hear from their political “leader” with personal insane hopes of gaining favor by ousting the “enemy”?

Yet the power rules on. The corruption grows like a festering wound full of gangrene, and we are witnessing this every day simply by turning on our TV’s, surfing the internet, listening to talk radio. The hate, the mud-slinging, the finger-pointing, the holier-than-thou attitude of our Republican presidential candidates is beginning to fill the minds of many like pus from an infection, spreading and consuming the minds of the people.

There is literally a war within our own country, on our own soil… the “have’s” versus the “have not’s,” and I am sure there is more to come.

Although most politicians are guilty, those in the limelight now are of the utmost importance. Mitt, Newt, Santorum, and Paul… you all need to grow up, realize you are human and not a god-like deity floating above the people of this country. Begin acting like respectable adults in the behalf of our country as a WHOLE. I’m not sure why, but there are people out there who believe in you and praise your every word, and will not stop at anything in order to help move you along towards the position of the President of the United States.

You all need to agree that you disagree, then work on a compromise for the people.

Your greed and corruption is killing us.


  1. Yes, it’s getting bad. Scary. And I blame Washington for creating and encouraging the confrontational atmosphere. They are deliberately fanning the flames of desperation and resentment in a country staggering under a bad economy — and they’re doing it for their own political gain. Crosshairs on their doorways should be a clue that they are playing a very dangerous game. They are playing with poeple’s lives.

  2. Suggest bringing together a national convention of NRA, Kool Aid Party, Kongressional Konservatives, Rupert Murdoch’s staff in an airtight room. Fill AC with pot smoke. Take photos.

    Tell them to shut up and study something enlightening – or the photos will be published online.

  3. Not only the idiots in Washington, but you can throw in Fox News, and the right-wing gas bags on talk radio, put them all those ingredients in a bag, shake it up, and bingo the hatred is all there.

  4. It is indeed getting worse and it makes me afraid for our country. Hate is eating us alive and some of the worst perpetrators claim it all in the name of “righteousness”.

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