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Photos That Will Mess With Your Mind | Human Illusions

Still my favorite photo…

Here are some photos which due to the angle and “perfect” timing of snapping the camera, the image just doesn’t look like what it should be. Illusional and hilarious. My favorite is still the one that went viral a few months back of a party scene featuring two women where the arm from the woman in front gives the illusion that her friend immediately behind her is naked. The thumbnail to the right. The full size if in the post further down.

They will all mess with your mind…. Men with women’s bodies and vice versa. A woman with zebra legs – would that be a Zebtaur rather than a Centaur? Yeah, that was very weak so I won’t torture you any further. Here they are….

Ahhh… to be still that young at heart


This is what you don’t see in panty hose ads


Casper the ghost dog


I’ll bet she wins in the three-legged races….



I can’t help but think of Austin Powers when I see this photo


Instead of a club-foot, she has an arm-foot


Liev, you have a very sexy body


They always wondered what it’d be like to be the opposite sex, so they did a head transplant


Another panty hose ad model. You just never know what is out of view of the camera.


The haunted dorm hallway. Ghost of a co-ed rumored to have had her legs cut off by an amateur magician’s trick gone bad.


What men imagine that goes on in the bedroom of female roommates is now confirmed.


Still my favorite photo… She is the life of the party!


Sweetheart…. Go to the store and look for a product called, “Nair”


What do you bench press?


I know animal print tights are all the rage, but sweetheart… you have some very odd-shaped legs

Buzzfeed: 18 Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind


  1. 🙂 I have a few favorites Ghost dog, head switch, Liev you have a sexy body and woman on a zebra and those are just to begin witn. Thanks Michelle for making me smile….

    • Glad you shared! Some of the photos took me a few moments to actually figure out what was real and what was the illusion. The woman with the hairy arms (which are a man’s legs) really tripped me out at first. I just couldn’t “see” the legs at first. Then they “appeared” to me.

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