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From blonde to redhead to a shaved head in one week

My hair has been driving me nuts lately. Actually, more than lately – for at least a good year or two. In fact, just the other day it occurred to me that I cannot recall any point in time in my past that I actually loved my hair! I realized most of the time I thought my hair was “okay.”

Blonde. I was born blonde and was naturally blonde for many years. Then in my late teens/early 20’s, the blonde started fading to a “dishwater blond.” Ugly, nasty color. Time to turn into a bottle blonde, which I have been for the last half of my life.

Now with age starting to show more, the bottle blond is starting to look a little “trailer-trashish” to me. So, what the hell… I always wondered what I’d look like with red hair, so I found out.

It was strange – oh so very strange to see any other color than blond or dishwater blond on my head. After a while, I became used to it. I did like the color when I very first applied the red, but it quickly faded and turned dull. Back to the same ol’ problem… my hair is driving me nuts. Plus the style is too long and actually requires a few minutes of “fixing” in the morning. More time than I care for. In fact, I really don’t want to have to do anything to my hair.

So what can I do? Shave it!

I actually have shaved my head a few years back. Again, for the same reasons – it was driving me crazy and I was just tired of it. So, no big deal to shave it again. My boss just about had a cow, so I have bought several scarfs and I’m having fun decorating my fuzzy head.

I must say, though, it feel SO weird to rub my head. Soothing, actually, but very weird. I do LOVE getting up in the morning and not having to do a damn thing to my hair.





  1. I like the shaved look! Of course I’m prejudiced, I’ve been shaving my head since 1996 – BEFORE Michael Jordan started shaving his. (Copy cat!)
    Also, my friend Janine has alopecia universalis, and has been facing the world bald as a cue ball for the last 30 years. When “required” she wears a big broad brimmed hat rather than scarves, but a hat might look a little too pretentious at work. 🙂
    Anyway – I do like your look!

  2. This is Great! I too shaved my head one month ago. Same reason,tired of hair. I really like the feel of it,caught my self feeling my head alot at first. My friends thought I was nuts 😉 In this heat it a joy… Lets hear it for bald Girls/ladies/ women!!!

  3. Hair? I saw the play back in the sixties about the same time mine quit growing. I think somebody teased it, and it couldn’t take a joke. One morning in college, I looked in the mirror and said: “I’m getting bald.” My roommate perked up, and asked: “When?”

  4. We are not bald We Are BOLD. (ps look at the $’s saved on hair products) I use Dawn now, works like a dream…Oh makes ear art show up too 🙂

  5. Just let it grow and see what it becomes. It may become what it might have always been.

    Phillip aka eggsuckingpup

  6. That is so awesome. I could never shave my head cause it’s bumpy, but you look great with all three looks. I love that you just went for it. You are always an inspiration Michelle.

  7. If you start burning pictures of the pope, I’ll be upset. Looks great, you have a good head for a lot of things, baldness is just one!

  8. Hottie! Have been threatening to shave my head for years -it’s long, thick and HOT AS HELL in the summer. Oh, I’ve also colored it different shades since age 16.
    Good for you Michelle!

  9. I remember an old issue of LIFE magazine that tried to imagine what human beings would look like in the future and both men and women were bald. That image has always stuck with me. I like the prickly feel of close-cropped hair, but I don’t think I have the head shape to pull this off anymore. You, however, look fine!

  10. from one “shavey” to another …. looks great! …
    p.s. … if ya’ need any tips on the gels vs. creams stuff gimme a holler … lol

    as always my friend,
    peace and safe journeys

  11. Dear Michell, Smile a lot. That is unless there is a child, or childish adult, who needs to be turned into a pillar of salt!. I had an issue with my immune system and my nose took a hit. At the time I was working on a beard (working slowly and raggedly) for Halloween. I kept the beard to offset the nose and discovered that people were entertaining all sorts of fantasies like ex-boxer. I just said “losing boxer”. I could with a cold stare freeze a child for a week. After about five years I became more at ease with my nose and discovered that everyone wasn’t looking at it. In Fact people have their own issues to stare at.

    I like your hair.When you smile it looks like it needs touching. DON”T get a tattoo. Here it is customary to tattoo the name of your ‘Hood’ on your bald head or or the neck. It makes identification easy. The woman behind me has (hope she still ‘has’) a son who has WILMAS tattooed on his head in swooping script. When he shaved his head it looks like a large bulb of garlic. I let him go through life without pointing this out.

    Sincerely, Phillip

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