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Romney and Ryan Share a Common Interest with The World’s Richest Man

Below is an infographic showing the “World’s Richest Men.” At the top of the list, out of Mexico, is the wealthiest person, Carlos Slim. Ranked by assets in US$ billions, Carlos Slim has acrued assets at approximately $74 billion.

When reading a little bit about Carlos, there was one portion of one sentence which made my skin crawl. The first sentence reads:

“The world’s richest man, who doubled his assets between 2008 and 2010, is a classic example of a tiny global elite, who have used monopolies, government corruption, and the support of the World Bank and the IMF, to privatise public resources and extract vast wealth from ordinary people, often in the global South.”

“…to privatise public resources and extract vast wealth from ordinary people…” This is exactly what is on Romney’s and Ryan’s agenda. Social Security is a perfect example of a government program that Ryan strongly wants to privatize. Just recently, Romney has announced that he would eliminate funding for Amtrak despite record-high ridership. Additionally, Mitt Romney suggests bringing a cut in the 342 odd different economic programs. Of course protecting the nation’s defense and military personnel is important therefore allocation of funds for their welfare is important.

If these two were to make it to the White House, our country will never be the same. Their primary goal is to remove government control as much as they can, and at the same time, privatizing and growing privately-owned corporations. I smell the strong possibility of insider trading in their future. What better way to score a load of money but to pull the funding from the ABC Org. knowing that the XYZ Company is going to buy them out once they lose their funding. All Romney and Ryan have to do is buy stock in XYZ prior to the buyout, and BAM… millions.

Do not think for a moment that these two are concerned about the majority of US citizens. They only care about what is in it for them and the 1%.

Click on the infographic to view in full size.


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Think Progress:  Romney Would Eliminate Funding For Amtrak Despite Record-High Ridership


  1. Has anyone seen Romney’s whiteboard where he writes out the differences between his plan for medicare vs. Obama’s? If you get the chance, take a good look, he spelled seniors wrong. This is the man who thinks he deserves to be president when he can’t even master grammar school spelling??

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