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Animated Gif of a Very Pissed Off Mitt Romney

Just playing around. I was trying out some open source software that is used to deform images. So… I deformed Romney and made an animated gif out of it! I imagine that Romney has probably made this face twice very recently. The first time is when Cristie praised Obama. And the second is when NYC Mayor Bloomberg announced his endorsement for Obama.

UPDATE: November 8th, 2012

Now this is Romney’s face after he lost to Obama.



  1. LOL. Yeah, I’ll bet both events really ticked him off. Poor baby! Personally, I enjoyed them immensely, moreso because I knew they’d upset Mittens.

    • Me, too. Romney has really brought out the beast in me. I normally do not like seeing people hurt. But not in his case. I’d laugh and rub it in even more with Romney.

  2. Romney’s eyes look pretty bloodshot…think maybe he’s losing sleep?
    Now in the 11th hour, HE’S the one promoting change. He can’t even be original when he’s screwing up.

    • That photo of him was from their last debate. I’m sure he’s losing a lot of sleep now. He really f’d himself over. And now Bush, who is endorsing him, is in (or was in) the Cayman’s at a $4000/plate dinner? Now if that doesn’t stink of something rotten, I don’t know what does.

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