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Bowie’s “Space Oddity” as Sung from Space in the ISS

I have watched this over and over and over now. I love Bowie, especially this song, to being with. Then the slight edits to the song and adding in space – real space as the International Space Station orbits the earth – and you have one helluva remake of “Space Oddity.” 

This video completely sang by Col. Chris Hadfield while in orbit was uploaded May 12 and has well over 6 million hits so far. If you didn’t know, when a video goes viral, it takes days for the hits to actually catch up. So realistically, there are probably close to 8 millions hits so far.

FYI: Chris Hadfield and his crew posted a few hours ago on Col. Hadfields Facebook page that they have safely returned to earth last night.


Here are the credits provided in the video description. Yes… all vocals sang by Hadfield. And special thanks to Evan Hadfield (son?) who did a phenomenal job of editing.

Guitar and Vocals: Chris Hadfield
Recorded on board the International Space Station

Produced by Evan Hadfield
Edited by Andrew Tidby

MUSIC (recorded on Earth)
Produced and Mixed by Joe Corcoran
Piano Arrangement by Emm Gryner

With special thanks to David Bowie, NASA, ROSCOSMOS and the CSA.

The crew getting ready to return to earth. They are packed into the Soyuz capsule.

Cris Hadfield ISS returning to earth in the Soyuz capsule

Some screenshots from the video.

Chris Hadfield ISS singing Space Oddity looking out window


Chris Hadfield ISS singing Space Oddity guitar


  1. This is absolutely my video of the year! Apart from being a huge Bowie fan too, there is something so beautiful about the way the Commander sings this – and actually in space – that moved me to tears the first time I watched it! Absolutely brilliant.

    • I know. I think it’s one of the best music videos ever made. Each individual piece (except for being in space) may not be extraordinary – but when you put them all together… wow!

  2. Saw this and more on Hadfield on TV all day yesterday. The guy is amazing, a true rock star!

    Ugh, I get really claustrophobic looking at the pic of the crew in the capsule. No way I could do that!

  3. Love the scene where he’s looking out the port, so wistful. This was always one of my favorite Bowie tunes. Did you see him ‘drop’ the puck? I’m also a big hockey fan and loved that it stayed in mid-air where he released it.

  4. He did in one segment. I’ve seen this video in different parts on different newscasts and programs so I’m not sure where it appears.

    • Cool! Gives me another reason to watch it several times. Like I needed any to begin with. Seriously, I must have watched it at least a dozen times yesterday and had his version of the song going through my head all evening – which in this case was fine. Usually I get a stupid song or jingle stuck in my head.

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