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Representative Jim Steineke (R-WI) has a criminal record spanning two decades

Representative Jim Steineke (R – Kaukauna, WI) was elected on November 6, 2014, to serve as Majority Leader for the 102nd Wisconsin State Legislature – and has a criminal record starting in 1990 and ending (so far, anyway) in 2010.

Who is Steineke? And what will he be doing?

Assembly Majority Leader, Rep. Steineke will be the floor leader during legislative session days, coordinating the action on bills and amendments. He will work with the Republican leadership team to execute decisions and maintain an organized and productive caucus. [1]

Steineke has been active in local government, serving as Vandenbroek Town Supervisor and Chairman and also serving as Outagamie County Supervisor. Rep. Steineke was elected to the 5th Assembly District in 2010. In 2012, he was elected to serve as Assistant Majority Leader. [1]

Now that you know who he is, his criminal, and civil court, background is listed further down below. But first….

Electing an official with a criminal background such as this is only par for the Republican Party. Republicans, as a whole, want to make all the rules, but believe these same rules do not apply to them. You know, "Listen to what I say, not what I do" type of deal.

According to 620WTMJ:

“Steineke, 39, said voters were turned off when his criminal record was made an issue in the race. All of his arrests, including the drunken driving conviction, happened before he was elected as Vandenbroek town chairman and an Outagamie County Board supervisor, he said.” [2]

Apparently not turned off enough as the constituents elected a known criminal.

I understand people make mistakes. Many wisen up and ask that their past be overlooked. However, there are some jobs in which criminal records should not be disregarded. Anyone elected or appointed in public positions that directly or indirectly play a part in writing and/or passing any state or federal legislation must have a clean record (excluding traffic tickets and moving violations).

Why? Glad you asked. Here is a perfect example….

“As a 20-year-old in 1991, Steineke, the Republican nominee for the 5th Assembly District, was involved in a hit-and-run crash in Oshkosh. He left the scene but turned himself in to police the next day. He was sentenced to 30-days in jail for operating a vehicle after revocation of his license.” [3]

A hit-and-run accident. Steineke, and his victims, were all very very lucky. The occupants of two vehicles in the chain-reaction hit-and-run crash complained of soreness and minor injuries, but that was the extent of the injuries. [3] The victims of the crash were very fortunate that Steineke he did not cause permanent injury and/or death.

Now take a look at one of Jim Steineke’s activities… Just prior to his newly-elected position, Steineke was the co-author of the centerpiece legislation (2011) for Walker’s ongoing special interest session. [4] Basically, Steineke wants to limit legal awards to families of those injured or killed by drunk drivers.

To Steineke’s credit, he has been confronting his past behavior and criminal record. However, past experiences also create who we are today, it just depends upon what one does with their prior experiences. Apparently Jim did not necessarily learn his lesson as he would rather take away from the innocent victims and give to the guilty drunk drivers.

Personally, I think every drunk driver should be charged and convicted with attempted murder. Every time someone who is intoxicated gets behind the wheel, they risk killing innocent people. We need zero tolerance when it comes to drunk driving. There are other ways home — call a cab, call a sober friend, or simply have a designated driver. Being an adult means responsibility and Jim-bo here should not exempt from it.

Here is the criminal record as provided by One Wisconsin and posted on their Facebook page. This so piqued my curiosity that I ordered a background check from the state of Wisconsin on Steineke. I will post an update after I have received it.


  • 4/1/1990 (April Fool’s Day — talk about foreshadowing…)
    Charged with operating a motor vehicle on a public highway while his driving privileges were revoked (convicted 5/2/1990) [gleaned from Waukesha Co. court records from 6/23/1991 violation, doesn’t say which country this occurred in]
  • 4/8/1990
    Criminal trespass to dwelling, misdemeanor, UW-Milwaukee PD. Charge dismissed. [DOG CIB]
  • 4/19/1990
    Charged with operating a motor vehicle on a public highway while his driving privileges were revoked (convicted 8/6/1990) [Waukesha Co. court record from 6/23/1991 violation, doesn’t say which country this occurred in]


  • 4/29/1991
    Resist/Obstruct Officer, Hindering (2 separate charges). Convicted on both charges, ordered to pay fines. West Allis PD made the arrest. [DOJ CIB]
  • 6/23/1991
    Violation, 7/1/1993 Conviction: Operative After Revocation, Waukesha Co., Case R152884 [DMV Abstract]
    • 7/1/1993
      Revocation: Operative after Revocation. Revoked all operating privileges. (Waukesha Co.) Order mailed 8/18/1993. Date eligible for reinstatement under case R152884 1/2/1994 (Note: The case file for R152884 has been purged.) [DMV Abstract]
    • 7/1/1991
      Conviction for operating after revocation, 8 pts. (Waukesha Co. Court) [CCAP]
    • 3/3/1994
      Suspension: Failure to pay forfeiture. Suspended all operating privileges (Waukesha Co. Court), 5 years. Order mailed 3/25/1994. Date eligible for reinstatement under case S298328 = 3/2/1999. [DMV Abstract]
  • 9/9/1991
    Charged with hit-and-run, driving after revocation. [Police Records & CCAP]
    • 9/10/1991
      Released on $500 signature bon, under condition that he not drive w/o valid ID. [Police Records]
    • 2/14/1992
      Summons issued for 3/3/1992 to explain failure to pay fines from 1991 hit and run. [Police Records]
    • 2/14/1992
      DOT License Revocation: Habitual Traffic Offender, 5 years (Oshkosh), date eligible for reinstatement: 2/20/1997. Remarks: For OPR License is: R950789 (Amended 8/18/1992) Unclaimed. [DMV Abstract]
    • 3/3/1992
      Warrant issued for failure to pay fine. [Police Records]
    • 6/3/1991
      Warrent recalled, fine paid (presumably his license was reinstated at this point) [Police Records]
    • 1/6/1993
      Revocation: Damage Judgment. Revoked all driving privileges. Order Mailed 1/6/1993. (Winnebago Co.) [DMV Abstract]
    • 4/22/1993
      Revocation: Damage Judgment. Revoked all operating privileges. Order mailed 4/22/1993. (Winnebago Co.) [DMV Abstract]
    • 4/3/1996
      Suspension: Failure to pay non-traffic forfeiture. Suspended all operating privileges (Winnebago County Circuit Branch), 5 years. Order mailed 4/15/1996. Date eligible for reinstatement: 4/2/2001 [DMV Abstract]


  • 12/22/1992
    Sues in small claims court by State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance for $1,336.93. Case is closed, but no indication when judgment was paid.


  • 7/16/1997
    Citation for operating auto after revocation. Please not guilty. (Winnebago Co.) [Police Records & CCAP]
    • 11/4/1997
      Default judgment entered for 7/16/1997 citation, $203 fine. 60-month License suspension if forfeiture is not paid by 2/13/1998. Paid forfeiture on 11/3/1998. [Police Records]
  • 8/22/1997
    Sued in small claims court by Rhinelander Medical Center, Winnebago County court, owed $278.36. Satisfied in full 9/10/2001. Garnishee: Kelly’s Bar [CCAP]


  • 4/26/2003
    Citation for OWI #1, Operate w/ Blood Alcohol Content over .10. Blew a .18 into breathalyzer. [Police Records]
    • 5/3/2003
      Please no contest; found guilty, fined $725 and 6-month license revocation for charge 1. Please no contest, dismissed charge 2. [Police Records]


  • 6/18/2010
    Sued by Roto-Graphic Printing, Inc. for $3,328.71 money claim over an unpaid debt. (Fond du Lac County) [Fond du Lac County court records]
  • 9/24/2010
    Cited for Non-registration of Auto (Winnebago Co.) [CCAP]
  • 10/6/2010
    Cited for operating motor vehicle w/o proof of insurance (Outagamie County) [CCAP]


[1] Wisconsin State Assembly: Representative Jim Steineke Elected Assembly Majority Leader

[2] 620WTMJ: Conservatives Eager To Flex Legislative Muscles

[3] Greenbay Press Gazette: Editorial: Put candidates’ mistakes in context when watching campaign ads

[4] WisDems: GOP Drunk Driver Heads Scott Walker Drunk Driver Protection Push


Wisconsin State Journal: Assembly GOP elects Robin Vos, Jim Steineke to top leadership positions
Star Tribune: Steineke elected Wisconsin Assembly’s Republican majority leader; Vos unopposed as speaker
The Cap Times: Rep. Jim Steineke: Assembly Republicans working for a better Wisconsin
Political Capital: Screw the Fourth Amendment


  1. I don’t understand how a person with a record like this cannot come under voter scrutiny – didn’t Dems bring this sort of behavior to light during campaigns? This information you have here seems to be something that should be part of voter information…seriously. Voter information is seriously missing from most all elections. I don’t truly believe the GOP made this miracle sweep across the nation with the likes of Scott Walker or Mitch McConnell – I smell suspicion all the way through. I am not talking my sour grapes speech. The sweep does not truly match what the voters are truly concerned about. Anyone that would like to see a future worth living would not want drunk drivers influencing driving laws or hold a public office of authority of any kind. Maybe that sounds harsh but I agree – drunk driving kills innocent people. That is proven fact no need to state anything to back that statement up. Ignoring facts is insane – I feel like this entire country has lost their minds to have actually put into power those that despise the voters with every living breath – it truly is insane.

    • Considering how much Scott Walker is disliked, and should have been repealed, I firmly believe that there is something dirty going on in that state. More so than most other states.

      • hes a republican …in Wisconsin they can do no wrong …its been proven time and time again sure Walker will win again also ..thats how it is here ..they dont care ..they hate republicans that much ..if it wasnt Hilary or Obama it would be some other stupid reason for voting Republican ..thats how dumb it is here !

  2. He is my first cousin. I had no idea until my brother told me a few days ago. His record alone should have disqualified him from any public office. And no, I’m not a Republican. I have been hit by a drunk in a hit and run accident. We had to chase him down.

    • Well, I sent off the request with the fee and never heard back from them. I called and they said I need to send it in again. I told them I had already paid their fee and wasn’t going to pay them again. Plus it appears that sending another fee doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll receive the report. So it appears that those in the local government was monitoring criminal background checks for local politicians.

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