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trump Admin Turns in Faulty PPP Numbers

According to the Washington Post:

A Post analysis of data on 4.9 million loans released last week by the Small Business Administration shows that many companies are reported to have “retained” far more workers than they employ.

The Post found half a dozen businesses that said they had fewer employees than the SBA reported the businesses had retained. Bankers also said employment figures for hundreds of businesses had been incorrectly reported by the SBA.

Fire Protection Systems, a sprinkler system installer in Kent, Wash., retained more than 500 jobs using its PPP funds, according to the data. The company says it has only 20 employees. Also said to have retained more than 500 jobs was Trinity Episcopal Church outside Houston. The church says it has 12 paid staffers.

The data also claimed that International Dunnage, a manufacturer in Thunderbolt, Ga., saved more than 500 jobs. But the company says it has just seven employees and two owners.

I could see how one business with wrong numbers can easily be a mistake. But not this many. Either the trump admin is adjusting the numbers, or they are completely incompetent. I think it’s both. They didn’t even look to see the total number of employees before they started cooking the numbers. And now you’re going to see the same adjustments made in the daily COVID-19 numbers since they’re no longer reported to the CDC.

Just more of trump’s lies.

Vote Blue in November!



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