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The best description of trump I’ve seen yet

There have been thousands and thousands of very spot-on descriptions of our COVID19-in-Chief, but I came across one the other day that literally just floored me. It is more perfect than anything I’ve seen that I doubt there can ever be anything even more accurate written. Pay special attention to the last half of the last sentence. That is what got me. So, without further ado…

There is nothing that the president treasures more than his own ego—not defeating the pandemic, not lifting the country out of the recession that followed, and not American democracy. If all of those things must be sacrificed to shield the president’s pride, then that is a price he is willing to make Americans pay.

Source: The Atlantic, “The Most Illuminating Moment of the Debate” by Adam Serwer, Staff writer at The Atlantic


  1. This may be off topic but after watching the Harris/Pench debate I’m guessing that was the only time Pence ever was ‘fly’.

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