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Occupy camps an eye-sore? Let’s compare photos…

There are many comments from several “concerned” officials – and citizens – that the Occupy camps are “eyesores” and express concerns over sanitary issues.  Many city officials are using these excuses to shut down and remove camps set up within various cities around the world.

Let us take a look and compare these “eyesores” and “unsanitary” camps to other areas around the world which draw in, or have drawn in, grotesque amounts of profit…

Occupy Albuquerque

Tar Sands:  The Most Destructive Project on Earth… (click here for more details)


Occupy Oakland – Protester and supporter in his tent awaiting the police to be arrested

Shell Oil Refinery, Anacortes WA
(Picture I took on my way to go whale watching in the San Juan Islands)


Occupy Wall Street

Keystone XL Pipeline
(Koch Brothers Positioned To Be Big Winners If Keystone XL Pipeline Is Approved)


Occupy Bristol

Gulf Oil Spill
(‘Spillionaires’: Profiteering and Mismanagement in the Wake of the BP Oil Spill)


Occupy Melbourne

Amazon Rainforest Deforestation (more details, please click here)


Occupy Seattle

Chernobyl Ship Graveyard (Facts on Chernobyl)


Occupy London

Slums of Mumbai India (more photos: Life in the Slums of Mumbai)


I could go on and on, but this is not rocket science.  Just because the true eyesores and unsanitary conditions are not right outside your door, or viewable during your days commute to work, does not mean they do not exist.  And do not think for a second that your local politicians have the best interest in mind for their cities… they simply do not want to bite the hand that feeds them…

Occupy movements all over the world are out to stop the horror you see in the comparison pictures above – this is why many are wanting the movement to fail.

In fact, here is one way many Occupiers are being more creative in the use of Green Energy…


In closing, remember… these are the ones who will suffer due to the actions of the corporate greed around the globe:

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