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The G’Morning Shot for April 27, 2012

Can you smell it?

Photo credit:  Unknown


  1. By any other name, the spelling might be different, but the smelling would probably remain about the same. Can you see the eye in the center of that storm?

  2. No, I can’t smell it, but looking at the image makes me feel like I almost could.

    Keeping my comments brief today because I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. (which is what Adam did with Eve after the apple incident) I know you saw yesterday’s post, and I also know that the issue I mentioned has often happened here on your blog. Lol

    • It’s NO BIG DEAL, Chris! Sheesh… we’ve gone over this before! If you want to mini-blog on my posts, go for it! Now, I just got up and have had one sip of coffee, so I’m still grouchy. Now, damn it, freakin’ write me a novel! (heehee… I accidentally typo’d “navel” instead of “novel”). Yes, I saw your post, but was too tired to comment. Now get back to writing what you enjoy and quite pissing and moaning that you’re doing something wrong when you not!

      Okay, did I sound pissed off? 😀 😀 Love ya, Chris. Seriously, it doesn’t bother me at all.

      • Love ya too, Michelle. And I’d love to have the chance to blog about your navel… 😀

        But since I know that you’d be happier with a novel, I’ll stick with that instead. Thanks for your generosity, and thanks even more for your patience.

        • I read everything in your comments. I just may not hit all your points in my reply. I’m not going to do a check list ya know. When I’m done with the thread (and this goes for any ones comment thread on my blog or any one elses) I just stop replying, or leave it with a simple sentence. I’ve noticed most people do the same.

        • Well, it’s good to know that we’re good! 🙂 And no, you never make me feel neglected with your replies.

          Hey, if you’ve got a minute, you might want to take a quick look at my last post again, and read the reply I wrote to “benzeknees”. It’s just a little insight on what it’s actually like to live and work with me. Lol

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