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Restrict oil companies ability to export fuel while our gas prices are increasing

I have created a petition on the website in their section called, “We the People.” Here anyone is allowed to create any petition they wish. When the petition reaches 100,000 signatures in 30 days, then the White House will review and at least respond to the petition. It used to be 25,000 signatures, but thanks to every Billy-Bob that petitioned for the state to secede from the Union, the White House had to increase the number of signatures. I do not necessarily believe that miraculously this petition would be placed before Congress, but at least it catches the attention of both governmental and civilian that we are aware of the profits and exports of fuel and we demand regulation and reform.  

Below is what I wanted to post in my petition, but alas… they’re limited to 800 characters. That’s pretty slim. So I am linking my petition back to this post so anyone who wishes may read more information about why I have created this petition. And the reverse holds true, too. Please go to my “We the People” petition and sign it. Do not worry about identity. To sign a petition is surprisingly minimal. No address, no promise of your next-born child. A name and email, but no requirement of proof that the name you provide is actually yours (an FYI for those who are really paranoid that the government is watching every move we make).

In full, what I wanted to post in my petition:


Regulate oil exports. Restrict oil companies ability to export fuel while our gas prices are increasing.

Graphic_US_Oil_ExportsIn 2011, fuel was our number one export [1][2]. The oil companies are bringing in record profits from exporting fuel to other countries, such as China whose demand is high. Yet Americans sit here in our own country and watch the prices at the pump steadily increase. The government needs to implement strict export policies. Set a cap so when our fuel prices are higher than $2.00 per gallon – whatever the barrel equivalent will be – then the oil companies are not allowed to export fuel. No fines as these companies rake in so much profit, fines are meaningless to them. Ban exporting. We need to take care of our own country first. So long as gas prices at the pump are at $2.00 or less, then oil companies are allowed to export to their heart’s desire – or stockholder’s desire is more aptly put.

An article dated 1/29/13 from CBS Minnesota [3] quoted Gail Weinholzer of AAA in Minneapolis, “As of right now we’re getting a bit more from Canada. It’s a bit more expensive.” Of course it is more complicated that this, but why are we buying from Canada at a higher price when our US companies have fuel? Simply because it is more profitable for the companies to export than sell domestically. This must be regulated else we will continue to see the prices rise at the pumps to ridiculous amounts.


Many will cry out that Capitalism means privatized companies are allowed to sell their product to whom they wish and that a regulation like this is socialism. No it is not. There must be some sort of control kept else if any private corporation is free to do what they want, then our country will fall apart while the CEO’s and stockholders laugh all they way to the foreign banks. Our banks used to be regulated and our economy flourished, poverty was very low, and the middle class was strong. Then in the 1980, we began deregulating our banks. Derivatives were conceived which provided a fast profit but were highly unstable. Glass-Steagall [4] was repealed which allowed commercial banks to “play” with their securities – with “our” money. In other words, the banks began making their own rules.

Graphic_gas_price_increase_at_pumpThen in 2008, we saw the results of these massive amounts of deregulations — the economy collapsed. Interesting enough, Iceland’s banking and economy nearly mirrored ours by deregulating their private banking industry. However, when their economy collapsed in 2008 along with our economy, Iceland held their bankers responsible and many are now in prison. The Iceland government forgave the home owners who found themselves owing more than their home was worth. In other words, Iceland held their privatized banks responsible. Now Iceland’s economy has bounced back stronger than ever. [5]

Why am I discussing banking when this petition is about exporting fuel and our price at the pumps? Because this is a perfect example of what will happen if we do not stop and regulate our fuel exports. History will repeat itself. These oil companies care naught about the people of our country, nor even our economy overall. Not when they are able to reap record profits by exportation. Capitalism fails without rules and guidelines otherwise known as regulations.

Additionally, this is the same plan the oil companies will do should the Keystone Pipeline be completed. Many Americans believe by putting this pipeline in place, our fuel prices will then drop. That is simply not true. The oil companies will continue to export as that is where the money is for them. Please, before we see $5 at the pump, start regulating exports.


[1] Insider Fortunes: And the Number One Export for the US is….
[2] USA Today Money: In a first, gas and other fuels are top U.S. export
[3] CBS Minnesota: Why are Gas Prices Going Up? 
[4] Wikipedia: Glass–Steagall Act
[5] Wikipedia: Inside Job (a documentary)

(FYI.. I watched the entire docu “Inside Job” last weekend. Very informative as to what caused our banking collapse of 2008. I highly recommend watching it.)


  1. Well, if you actually send a paper petition to Washington, you know what it will be used for.

    Oh me of little faith!

    Let’s take an honest look at our nation. This country makes others look like amateurs in terms of corruption. We are led to believe in the B.S. of a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have a government ruled by corporations, for corporations. Lobbyists run our officials, who do their bidding.

    We have open and accepted corruption. It’s as American as apple pie. We don’t even question it anymore. It’s the way it is and we accept it because we may delude ourselves into believing there’s something we can do about it, but in reality, we can’t do a thing.

    Elect new officials and we create new opportunists and turn deposed politicians into new lobbyists. Sorry for the pessimism and cynicism, but the best thing we can do is develop a sense of humor and roll with the flow, ’cause there ain’t a blessed thing that will change what’s happening.

    Oh, and as far as some Tex-ass idiot wanting to secede from the Union, let’s all sign that petition. Texas would be a good beginning. Ridding the Congress and Senate of the old Confederacy would go a long way to stop the obstructionism that contributes to the ruination of any attempt to right the wrongs of the American government.

    • I know. Our government is horribly corrupt. Boehner, for one, has purchased a lot of stock that will make some major profits if the Keystone is finished. I don’t have much faith at all, especially when it comes to regulating the oil companies. But one thing I do know for sure is that if we don’t try, then nothing will happen except more and more corruption.

      That seceding b.s…. I believe nearly every state ended up having a petition. Whoever was an Obama-hater joined in on their “waaahh-waaaahhh” party.

  2. The oil carried by the Keystone pipeline is not intended for US sales. The Canadian oil companies plan to sell it overseas. ( They just need access to our ports. Yet we bear all the risk to our land and water supplies. Not logical.

    Good point about exporting (or not exporting) our oil. But of course it’s “just business,” intended to make the best profit possible for shareholders. As with banking, the consumers don’t count. The oil companies make a profit selling their oil overseas, and then they make more profit by importing and selling foreign oil to us. We get screwed twice over.

    Nice job with the petition!

    • Thanks!!! That means a lot. I have a ton of respect for your opinion and knowledge. I don’t always agree. Most of the time I do. But definitely respect.

      Yeah, the pro-pipeline people are so lied to. They think it’s for us, our gas will go down, and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be found and permanent. Hell no! Just like you said, that is not for us. It’s for China or whoever the highest bidder is.

      And want jobs? Convert to green energy. These places just don’t spring up and run on their own….

    • Thanks! But I just found out that I have to get 150 signatures first in order to be shown publicly with the other petitions. I doubt I’ll make it. I’m not good at hitting people up for a petition signature. That’s why I wanted it to be public on that page… a lot of people come and read the petitions and sign away, and I was hoping to be one of them. Oh, well….

  3. Among the many reasons I’m against the pipeline is I don’t believe there are enough measures to guard against spills ( And this is nasty stuff). It’ll pass the Ogallala Aquifer which provides 30% of the water for US agriculture.

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