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Awkward Christmas Family Photos and other Holiday Humor

All I can think to say about these Christmas family photos is “what the ____!?”
Seriously, what were these people thinking? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???? 


Like mother, like daughter…. and Dad, can you pull up you pants a bit higher?
They’re sagging a bit too much.



WTF???? I have read about how some men like to dress as a baby, but come on folks.
Don’t share your weird fetish via your Christmas photo.



What is going on here???? Is this the beginning of a psychological horror flick?



And the dog is looking for a quick escape.

holiday confusion


I love my dogs very much, but NO!

weird christmas family photos 2


And now a short break from the weirdos. Just some good ol’ humor.

snowman funeral

christmas house lights war



So…. what’s up with the shorts?



Talk about opposite ends of the family tree….



Another dog looking for a quick escape.



I’d ask for the same thing. Please! Someone shoot me!



The inmate Christmas photo from the North Pole Penitentiary.



Other holiday humor….


jingle bells twilight smells

snake in santa jacket


The winners of the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.. and their pet baby goat.



A FAMILY photo? I find this very disturbing. Not as much as the dada in the diaper, though.



A very weak attempt at humor.

bad family christmas photo eyes closed


I just want to know how many takes it took to get the one photo of all the dogs sitting
and looking at the camera?

weird christmas family photos


And here is the modern-day Christmas family photo….



That wraps up the weird, awkward, strange, and disturbed Christmas family photos.
Now back to some holiday humor.


snowman hold up by hair dryer

Funny Christmas Memes banana slicer


And I have to finish this off with some good ol’ winter doggie funnies!


Alaska flat tire

polar bear husky baby


  1. On second thought, maybe the dog was a victim of one of Sarah Palin’s helicopter shoot outs.
    BTW, she just got a job on some obscure outdoor sports channel.

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