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trump Political Cartoons

Happy Friday! Here are some political cartoons about trump that’s been recently published.























  1. I couldn’t pick out one cartoon to comment on, but I’m reading The LIfe of John F. Kennedy Jr, America’s Reluctant Prince. It describes JFK’s morning routine as breakfast at 8:15 with him sitting in his chair with a tray while reading briefing books, BOOKS, not a page or two and probably not loaded with charts and graphs. Then the children would come in, turn the TV on and watch cartoons. Yet he still managed to get through this daily necessity.

    • I’m sure that was probably fairly routine for most presidents. But not trump. I’m reading his niece’s book about him. I do wish she had explained where she got all the information she has because the first part of the book is before she was even born, or a young child.

  2. No doubt. I just can’t imagine how that much information could be compacted – or why that should be necessary- in order to keep trump’s attention. I’m not sure how Mary Trump got her info but in my family stories were passed down from one generation to the next, even the bad ones.

    • Yes. But she had a lot of details I wouldn’t normally think. I’m not saying she made them up, as I’m sure she didn’t. That would be devastating to her task at hand. But would just like to have seen her explain how she obtained all the details.

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