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WTF! Where are these people from? Another galaxy?

Here are some rather, ummmmm… unusual people caught by a camera. Now, keep in mind, when people dress in highly “creative” outfits, it is because they want to the attention and/or to have fun. So… give ’em some attention. Then there are others who are most definitely a one-of-a-kind individual. WTF…..


I wonder if he has a mullet haircut under that cap….


My little big pony? Nice panty lines.


I wonder if she throws a tantrum if she doesn’t get to ride in the cart….


Dude, those athletic shoes just do NOT go with that red dress. So gauche.


WTF….. A pink unicorn on a rolling table with headlights… Why?


I didn’t know that human bodies could actually have these proportions… Seriously, how does he keep his pants or shorts on?


WTF??? I dunno. I have absolutely no clue here. Cannot even tell if that’s a man or a woman. Also, notice the mask on the wall? This is one very strange place.


Hip Hop guy? chick? is sportin’ some Kiss reject boots…


Another WTF… No clue as to what this person is dressed up as…


Now this one I will give props to – just look at the lower portion of the legs. She actually has them designed so they’re bending backwards at the joint, just like a real animal would have.


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