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Do You Suffer From S.L.U.T.? “Legitimate Rape” is Your ANSWER!

Do You Suffer From S.L.U.T.- Sexually Liberated Uterine Tendencies? If so, then here is the treatment that will help…. “Legitimate Rape.” You see, “Legitimate Rape” helps your body with it’s natural method of preventing pregnancy – it shuts down.

More info available in the “Legitimate Rape” Pharmaceutical video ad:

“Legitimate Rape” Pharmaceutical Ad

Personal disclaimer:

In no way is sharing this video indicating that I do not taking rape seriously, or ridiculing women (and men) who have been raped. Although I, myself, have been fortunate through the years, several of my friends have not. And to this day, even forty years later for one dear friend, it haunts these women every…. single…. day! I can see it clearly in their eyes – and it’s a haunting look that sends chills up my spine.

Sometimes, however, sarcasm is one answer to making a point to those fools who are ignorant – in this case, Todd Akin. This video was created and directed entirely toward Akin and all the other male politicians – and some female – who do not take rape as a serious matter and feel the need to classify different levels of rape. Rape is rape is rape is rape is rape. End of story.

I only wish someone could do a Clockwork Orange on Akin. Tie him in a chair, in a straight jacket, with “pinchers” holding his eyelids open, and force him to watch this video over and over and over again. Then follow it with some home footage from some sicko rapist who was caught – but the police found videos in the rapist’s home from him recording his rape scenes. If a special effects artist could superimpose the face of his wife or daughter over the face of the woman being raped, only then would he begin to understand what rape is about.

Yes, I have NO tolerance for people like Akin, Santorum, Paul Ryan, Tom Smith…. and the list goes on.


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